Mystics Discuss Their Dads

With Father's Day just around the corner, several Mystics players stopped by to talk about their dads.

Nakia Sanford
“The great thing about my dad is he listens and I know that he loves me. He’s probably my best friend.”

Charlotte Smith-Taylor
“The greatest thing about my dad is that he has instilled a biblical foundation in his kids. When you are dealing with the cares of the world the best thing you can have is a spiritual foundation. That is what I am thankful for about my father.”

Kiesha Brown
“My father has definitely built a foundation in my brothers and sisters and made sure we are what we want to be out of life. Not always what he wanted us to be, but what we wanted to be. He would do the little things we always took for granted, but as we grew up we learned to appreciate what he has done for us. Especially since he was my coach in basketball he has been a huge motivator for me. He is just a great individual who takes care of kids, even ones that are not his.”

Kaayla Chones
“My dad is my biggest influence in my life. He is very supportive and has always been encouraging me. Now that I am here playing in the league, he is just overwhelmed. He’s so excited and very happy for me. He calls me everyday and we talk about basketball.”

Alana Beard
On both her mother and father
“Both of my parents are sort of the same. So I can’t really separate the mom and dad aspect of it because my parents just allowed me to play, and they were always there supporting me. There was no pushing, there was no being out there practicing with me or anything like that.

I think the only extent we went to, in terms of them helping me play was we would play two on two. My mom and I against my dad and my brother, they would never win. They won one time and we haven’t played them since. As far as that they were very supportive of me and they were there for me through everything.”