Monique Currie: I'm In Good Spirits

On Tuesday, talked with Monique Currie about her injury. On Wednesday, Currie had successful surgery on her torn ACL. Your surgery is tomorrow, how are you doing mentally heading into surgery?
Monique Currie: Iím in good spirits. Of course Iím not happy about it and it is a downer. I was looking forward to this season especially with Alana coming back and being able to play with her again. However it is something I will have to deal with and get through and I will be there supporting our team and I believe in them.

WM: How did the injury occur?
MC: I was playing in Turkey, in a game, it was late in the game, maybe 5 minutes left. I was driving to the basket and I think when I planted to go up for a layup my knee shifted and it felt like it tore and it did.

WM: How have you been since the injury?
MC: Iíve been fine. Iíve been through this before so I know what to expect and I know what I have to go through (Currie tore her ACL in 2002 when she was in college). I know it might be tougher at times because Iím older and my body is different. But everything happens for a reason and Iím just looking forward to having surgery and starting the rehab process.

WM: What have Navin Hettiarachchi (team trainer) and the doctors told you about surgery and rehab and how are you preparing for surgery?
MC: Since Iíve been home Iíve been doing rehab with Navin daily. Iím just trying to get the muscles around the knee as strong as possible which is supposed to help with the recovery time. So Iíve been spending a lot of time with Navin and I actually talked to the doctor who did my surgery in 2002. She also looked at my images and talked with the doctor here just to kind of touch base with the doctor and to let him know how things went with my surgery in 2002.

WM: Do you know when youíll be able to start rehab again?
MC: Iíll start rehab almost immediately. Today I had a guy from a sports rehab company come and give me a device that will help with my range of motion. Pretty much Iíll start tomorrow when I come home from surgery. Later in the week I will go and see Navin and Iíll have physical therapy four days a week.

WM: Have you had the chance to talk to any of your teammates since the injury?
MC: Everybody on the team has reached out and contacted me in some way.

WM: What was their message to you?
MC: That it sucks, but injury is a part of our profession and you hope that it doesnít happen to you or anyone. Everyone has been very encouraging that I will get through this, and I know I will get through it, it is just another obstacle to overcome.

WM: How about Trudi Lacey, have you had the chance to speak with her at all?
MC: Yes Trudi has reached out to me a lot. I talked to her today actually and sheís always checking in on me and making sure Iím in good spirits and feeling good. She has been very helpful and encouraging through this whole process.

WM: Do you have any message to the Mystics fans out there?
MC: Just that as always, I appreciate their encouragement and support. I believe in our team and I hope I can be back by the end of the season if possible. But Iím extremely grateful and appreciative of their support.