Monique Currie Q&A

On May 24th, the Washington Mystics acquired guard/forward Monique Currie from the Chicago Sky in exchange for center Chasity Melvin. Currie, a Washington D.C. native, joins her third team in just over a year in the WNBA. After previous stops in Charlotte and Chicago, Currie is looking to find a long term home with the Mystics.'s Brian Martin chatted with Currie about her reaction to being traded and the expectations she has for her new team.

Q: Where were you when you heard about the trade?
Currie: I was in my apartment. [Chicago Sky Head] Coach Bo [Overton] called me and said he wanted to come over to talk to me.

Monique Currie with the Washington Mystics
May 24, 2007 - present

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Monique Currie with the Chicago Sky
January 8, 2007 - May 24, 2007

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Monique Currie with the Charlotte Sting
April 4, 2006 - January 8, 2007

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Q: Did you know something was going down at that point?
Currie: I had heard a few rumors, but when he actually told me, I was surprised that I was actually being traded. I thought that my situation in Chicago was good, but at the same time, I accepted it for what it was and just look forward to getting going with Washington.

Q: Having grown up in D.C., how nice is it to come back to your hometown?
Currie: Itís very nice to be home; I can be around friends and family. With our schedule, with so much traveling and being overseas in the offseason, I really donít have time to be with my family. So now that I play in the city where Iím from, I can be around my friends and be around my family more often, which makes me happier.

Q: What was it like going to practice for the first time to a place youíve seen all the time growing up?
Currie: I was driving and thinking to myself I couldnít believe I was actually driving to practice with the Mystics. I grew up going to the MCI Center [now the Verizon Center] and watching the Mystics all summer long. So to actually be going there to practice myself to play with the team, it was kind of surreal.

Q: Youíre reuniting with Alana Beard from your days playing together at Duke. Had the two of you kept in touch since college?
Currie: Alana is one of my best friends and I talk to her a lot about things and she helps me along the way with everything. So itís kind of cool to hook back up with her and be playing with her again.

Q: Do you think that will help ease the transition to have someone that is familiar with your game?
Currie: It will definitely help. She can help Coach Richie [Adubato] with fitting me into the system and she can also help me with the plays and tell me the system and just bring me along and catch me up with everybody else.

Q: I hear the Mystics playbook is rather thick. How long do you think it will take you to get up to speed?
Currie: Yeah, it really is. Iím trying to learn it as soon as possible. Itís a tough system to learn and it will take time, but Iím really trying my best to go over the playbook everyday. I have other players helping me and telling me plays as well. Any free time I have I try to go over the playbook. But itís hard; itís a lot.

Q: The team has struggled so far this year. Do you feel any pressure to come in and be a spark for the team?
Currie: I donít think itís just me; we all feel a sense of urgency or pressure to perform well. We know every game counts this season, so we need to get rolling as soon as possible, so we wonít have to be depending on other teams to lose for us to make it somewhere when the end of the season comes.

Q: You played your first game with the Mystics against Detroit [on Wednesday]. How did you feel on the court? Did you feel out of place at all?
Currie: I felt a little out of place just because I donít know all of the plays, so I canít hold them up from running their system. But it was good to be on the court again with another team and we get back at it [Friday]. The turnaround time isnít very long, but I just have to do the best I can to try to get on the same page. But it was to be in uniform and to run up and down the court with the girls for the first time.

Q: You mentioned [tonightís] game when you will face the Sky and play against your former team so soon. Are you looking forward to that game? Does it have any extra meaning for you?
Currie: Not really. Iím just looking forward to getting in the win column. Weíre determined to go out there and try to get the ball rolling with some wins and that starts tomorrow.

Q: Youíll be making your home debut. Do you have a lot of friends and family coming to the game tomorrow night?
Currie: Yeah, supposedly there are a lot people that want to come, so weíll have to see who shows up.

Q: Although the Mystics have struggled early, youíre joining a team that was in the playoffs last year and has the talent to make another run. What is it like playing for a team with that type of potential?
Currie: It will feel good because it was tough last season in Charlotte losing most of your games, especially when you come from a program where youíre used to winning. But itís all a growing process and a learning one and I really learned a lot from that. But being on a team that can actually contend is exciting and it gives you extra motivation to go out there and try to win games so you can get that playoff spot.

Q: Having gone through the draft, then the dispersal draft to Chicago, and now the trade, how tough has that been being in three different cities in just over a year?
Currie: Itís tough. I really like to get settled in and get used to being in a certain place. But I know itís a business and I have to go with the flow. Hopefully now Iíll stay put and get used to being in one place and getting used to a certain system and players.

Q: I know the Mystics have been trying to acquire you pretty much every step of the way. They tried to draft you initially in 2006 and they tried to trade up in the dispersal draft to get you. How does it feel to know they have had this desire to get you ever since youíve come into the league?
Currie: It feels nice to be wanted. It feels good, especially from a team that I watched when I was growing up. It actually makes me want to do the best I can to perform and try to help this organization win a championship. I think that is the ultimate goal with everything that we do and with everything that the administration side does. For them to want me to be here, and I want to be here, so I want to do the best I can for this team.