1-on-1 with Marissa Coleman

Andrew Rosen, WashingtonMystics.com:When did you get back in town from overseas?

Marissa Coleman: I just got back from Hungary on Saturday, April 23rd.

AR: How did your team do out there?

MC: We won the Hungarian championship and the Cup actually. I really enjoyed it there. I had a good time. I was surrounded by really good people. Both my coaches and teammates, so it was a good time.

AR: Was this your first time playing in Hungary?

MC: Actually Iíve been to Hungary before with USA Basketball. This time I was in Sopron which is a small city about four hours from Budapest.

AR: Did you try any Hungarian food?

MC: I did have some Goulash. I had some of that the last time I was there and really liked it, so I definitely had some of that.

AR: What is It like to be back here working out with your teammates?

MC: Iím excited to be back. I missed everybody and just to be back in the gym with them is great.

AR: How did your first workout with Trudi (Lacey) and Laurie (Byrd) go?

MC: It was exciting. I heard a lot about Byrd from AB (Alana Beard) and how much fun she has had working with her, and how great of an asset she is. So I was excited to get in the gym and see it for myself. Obviously I worked with Trudi last year, it is a different role now but it is still fun being with Trudi.

AR: What were you working on?

MC: We just did some warm-up drills before we played a little pick up. Just in that short time Byrdís knowledge of the game and her critiquing our game was good.

AR: How did AB look to you?

MC: She looked really good. She looked just like Alana Beard, but bigger and better. I think sheís going to have a really good year and I think sheís ready to prove a lot of people wrong.

AR: What are you up to until camp starts in a few weeks?

MC: Iím probably going to take a little time off. I probably should have done that when I got home, but I was just so anxious to get back. Iíll probably hang out with some friends and get ready for the season.

AR: What are your thoughts on the new jerseys?

MC: I really like them. I like the new colors, and Crystal (Langhorne) and Alana were telling me they fit real good, so I canít wait to put them on.

AR: How excited are you to be back on the court and start the new season?

MC: Iím really excited. It came real quick and I canít believe Iím about to play in my third season. Iím excited for it. A lot of people are counting us out already, so it is going to be exciting to prove those people wrong.