Catching Up With Coach Gillom caught up with Mystics and Team USA assistant coach Jennifer Gillom for a quick interview while she is in London trying to help lead Team USA to a gold medal. How exciting is it to be on the coaching staff of the USA Women's Basketball team?

Jennifer Gillom: I am very excited to be a part of an accomplished staff on the USA Women's Basketball team. It has really helped keeping this staff together since the 2010 World Championship because there is such a great rapport with the staff as well as with the players. Have you had to make any adjustments in your coaching style with this team?

JG: I don't think that I have made any adjustments with this team because i am doing things similar to what i would be doing with the Mystics and that is scouting, post work, and motivating the team. What are you learning from the other members of the coaching staff?

JG: What I'm learning the most from this staff is the mental preparation for each game. It is so much more than X's and O's. The women's team won Gold in 2008, what are the expectations for 2012?

JG: The goal is the same as that of 2008. This is a great team! Everyone expects us to win and we expect that of ourselves! What can you identify as the early strengths of this team? Are there any weaknesses?

JG: We take pride in playing well on both ends of the court. We have depth that will allows us to play that way the entire game. If we have any weaknesses I haven't noticed them. What are your thoughts on London? Do you expect to tour the city outside your Team USA duties?

JG: We have been extremely busy since we've arrived in London. I really like what I've seen so far. We plan to tour the city as well as attend other events when possible.