Catching Up With Monique Currie How has the rehab process been going?

Monique Currie: Itís been going really well, my knee feels pretty good. The hardest part is getting back in shape and keeping up with everybody, but my program is good and hopefully Iíll continue to make progress. What kind of activities have you been doing lately?

MC: Iíve been doing a lot of work with Awvee (Storey). He has me working on shooting, cutting, jumping, running, and all the things that happen in the game. How has it been working with Awvee?

MC: Itís been really good, he was a former player, so he knows the game and he can relate to me in that aspect. Just being able to work with someone with NBA experience can only make me a better player. This is your 2nd ACL injury, is there anything different you are doing this time around?

MC: I tore my ACL in college, itís hard to remember what I was doing 9 years ago, but I do feel more patient going through the process this time. Do you feel you have gained anything from watching the team from the bench?

MC: You can always learn something from watching and pick up on things that you may not necessarily see when youíre in the game because itís so fast paced. Being on the sidelines I definitely have seen a few things and I try and think the game through a lot more. Has Alana being out alongside you helped with the process at all?

MC: It helps keep me company and is someone to talk to and laugh with. We see things together and we point things out, sometimes she sees things that I donít see and vice versa. Tell the fans a little about your hot yoga experience together?

MC: Yesterday was my 1st time ever doing it. I think Alana has been doing it, but it was very difficult and I didnít know yoga was that strenuous. I wanted to quit, but I made it through, and I actually enjoyed it once I left so I think I may do it again.