BHA Survivor Story: Lynn Grodzki

In 2005, Lynn Grodzki went for a yearly mammogram at which time came back abnormal and she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Although there was breast cancer in her family, it came as a shock when it actually happened to her. Lynn received a bilateral mastectomy, which did not require other treatment. After the surgery, she was considered to be cancer free and was cleared for exercise by her doctor but was skeptical to return to physical activity.

Luckily, Lynn met Andrew Weiss, a talented personal trainer who suggested basketball as part of her workout. Lynn has been a Mystics season ticket holder and has a passion for the game of basketball but she had never held a basketball and was fascinated with learning skills and impressed with the degree of exercise and healing it provided. It offered her a great aerobic workout, incredible range of motion and built upper body muscles. Based on her enthusiasm, Lynn and Andrew began to offer the same basketball experience to other breast cancer survivors that were getting back into the exercise scene. The program they designed combines emotional support and vigorous exercise.

Two years ago, Lynn approached the George Washington University Cancer Institute about the program she and Andrew had come up with. They started, “Healing with Basketball,” one of GWCI’s sponsored programs. Women can go to the clinic and share their stories with other survivors followed by some great physical activity through basketball games. Women feel supported by their peers and over time, they develop more physical self confidence. Lynn and the Healing with Basketball program help women learn together, laugh together, and over time, create a loving team of stronger, determined survivors.