Thank You Mystics Fans!

The Washington Mystics have had a tough season with a lot of changes going on as victories are chased once more. But there’s one thing that’s remained in place – the support of the team’s fans.

That’s why the Mystics want to say thanks to their fans at this Sunday’s 4 p.m. game against the Minnesota Lynx. The home finale is going to be a fan appreciation day with games and a number of giveaways as the team wants to give back a little to its loyal fans.

“Fan Appreciation Day is about honoring our dedicated and loyal fans,” said Mystics Chief Operating Officer Greg Bibb in a recent statement. “We are blessed with some of the best fans in the WNBA here in Washington, and our organization is excited to celebrate their loyalty to the team on Sept. 14. From $1 hot dogs to trip giveaways to the jerseys off the players back, we will make our final regular-season home game of the 2008 season one to remember.”

Washington interim coach Jessie Kenlaw said both the players and coaches realize how the fans have been sticking by them, even during the tough times this year.

“That’s when you know you really have die-hard fans, when they stick with you through thick and thin,” she said. “It helps a lot.”

Kenlaw and players said being cheered for without question during the down times, is something that can certainly be a positive that many don’t realize.

“In a lot of cases, the fans are like, for me, a part of our bench,” Kenlaw said. “Sometimes when we’re not playing very well, the fans can give you that extra boost you need. They’ve just been there every step of the way, and I appreciate them to the utmost.”

Coco Miller has been in Washington longer than any other player on the current roster, and she said this is the way it’s always been.

She said she sees how the fans are out there cheering on the Mystics no matter what the situation – something that the players draw strength from.

“The fan base is out there every single game, no matter what,” Miller said. “They really get into it, and they support us 100 percent. They’re terrific…and that means a lot to our team.”

Nikki Blue said the Washington fans are front-runners, something that she certainly appreciates.

“A true fan is going to stick by their team regardless of wins and losses,” Blue said. “It’s always easy for fans to rally behind a team that wins games and wins championships. But it’s tough [during] rebuilding, but I think our fans will be rewarded.”

Blue said the players love to connect with the fans and hear how they’re out there rooting. She’s been to some season ticket holders events where fans ask her to point to a certain section during the game – and that just makes the cheers louder.

In addition, having a good home crowd is something that can make life not too fun for an opposing team, especially if the home team is doing well.

“It’s always good for a home team to just have a crowd that’s going to disrupt the other team,” Blue said. “We’ve had that every single game of the season. Our loyal fans are the ones that deserve the credit.”