Player Survey: Part One

Read below to see who won the most votes when asked, "Which player...",

is the team's best dancer? 55% said Bernice Mosby.
talks the most about her high school/college days? 46% said Marissa Coleman.
is most likely to get a technical foul? 46% said Matee Ajavon.
is the best dressed on the team? 36% said Crystal Langhorne.
has the strongest accent (southern, foreign, etc.)? 46% said Matee Ajavon.
could win on "Jeopardy"? 36% said Monique Currie.
should audition for “American Idol”? 82% said Bernice Mosby.
should never audition for “American Idol”? 46% said Bernice Mosby.
would most love to be on a reality TV show? 46% said Matee Ajavon.
will most likely be a head coach one day? 46% said Chasity Melvin.
makes you laugh the hardest? 91% said Matee Ajavon.
would win $1 million on "Survivor"? 46% said Kristen Mann.
shops the most? 55% said Crystal Langhorne.
is the pickiest eater? 64% said Nakia Sanford.
talks on the phone the most? 55% said Nakia Sanford.
is the strongest in the weight room? 46% said Monique Currie.
has the best jump shot? 55% said Alana Beard.
watches the most television? 46% said Monique Currie.
sleeps the most? 64% said Matee Ajavon.
would you want to take a half-court shot to win a game? 36% said Marissa Coleman.
spends the most time in the training room? 100% said Alana Beard.
do you hate guarding the most in practice? 27% said Alana Beard.