Mystics Honor Kay Yow’s Legacy

Mystics players and coaching staff were sad to hear about the loss of Kay Yow. Here are some of their thoughts on the legendary coach:

"It's almost impossible to articulate what a wonderful person Coach Yow was in a few simple sentences. She was someone who impacted so many lives both on and off the court. The best way to describe Coach Yow is through the amazing stories that those who were blessed to be in her company (if only for a minute) share with a smile on their face. Through her journey she has taught us all how to carry ourselves with class, how to appreciate every minute, how to be courageous while fighting with grace, and how to lead through compassion. She will be missed, but her spirit will live on forever through the lives she has touched." --Mystics GM, Angela Taylor

"N.C state was always one of toughest conference games and that was because the team not only played with their own hearts and will but with that of their coaches as well. A heart and a will that was never broken, that never gave up, and fought to the very end. When you lose someone who had an impact on so many lives like Coach Yow did, you can always find comfort in that she left this world a better place, with better basketball players, and most importantly better people. And she raised awareness for breast cancer a disease that affects the lives of so many people. I feel honored to have been able to be some what a part of the life of a living angel and she will always be remembered in my mind as a graceful champion who fought and won one of the toughest battles that came her way!" --Mystics forward, Monique Currie

"Hearing the news of Coach Kay Yow’s passing saddens my heart. She was without a doubt an inspiration to so many people. She was a fighter and a champion and it showed in her fight against cancer. My heart and prayers go out to her family and loved ones." --Mystics guard, Alana Beard

"Kay was an inspiration to everyone she was associated with. She was a mentor, a fighter and a friend to all. Her perseverance and strength were truly admirable! Kay was a very special person, who will be greatly missed by all." --Mystics Head Coach, Julie Plank