Marissa Answers Your Questions

Mystics fans submitted questions for Mystics rookie and #2 overall WNBA Draft Pick, Marissa Coleman, and now she has your answers...

Hi Marissa,
I just wanted to congratulate you on an outstanding career at Maryland. It was exciting to see the passion and intensity you brought night in and night out. As a former coach I loved the way you were able to step up and do what was necessary to win any given game. It was an honor to be there for senior night and just be part of the electric atmosphere in the Comcast Center. Best of luck with the Mystics and I can't wait to get to some games. Also, I read that you and Abby are working on a TV this correct? I am so hoping it is because I think the two of you together would make for a fabulous show. Congratulations again and best of luck!
Kathy Mummaw

Marissa: Hey Kathy, Abby and I do eventually want to have our own Sports show, maybe along the lines of Mike and Mike. Hopefully once our playing days are over we will be able to start our own show. I think it would be pretty good, minus the occasional fights will might get into over who is better...Maryland or Duke?

Hey, here's my question! :)
What is your favorite thing about Maryland basketball and are you planning on going back to visit sometimes?

Marissa: Hey Jocelyn, my favorite thing about Maryland basketball would definitely be my teammates. I have been fortunate to play with great people for the past four years. Other than that I would say all the great fans that came and packed Comcast Center the past four years....So I believe it is time for them to pack the Verizon Center!

Hi Marissa,
Are you glad that you were chosen by the Washington Mystics? My Mom (Lisa Doolan) and I are thrilled. We were jumping up and down! I'll be watching you in your new Mystics jersey.
Taylor Doolan

Marissa: Hey Taylor! I am so excited to be a Mystics to get to stay home and play in front of all of my family and friends. I know you and your mom will be out this summer to watch us play! Can't wait to see you!

Marissa, you've been in this area all your life--are you disappointed that you didn't get drafted by another team in order to experience living some where else?
Rita Rashad

Marissa: Hey Rita, no, I wasn't disappointed at all! It is everyoneís dream to be able to play close to home with their family and friends. I have had the best family and fan support at Maryland and I hope it will only continue with the Mystics!

Congrats on your draft to your home team! Glad that I will get to continue to watch you play in this area (my hopes/dreams come true too), yah. What is first on your To Do List for training as a Mystic?

Marissa: Well, I have been working on a little bit of everything, mainly trying to become a better defender and ball-handler.

Who do you think is the most legit in the league at throwing it down?

Marissa: I don't know, it is a tie between Candace and Sylvia.

Any chances seeing you dunk this year?

Marissa: Hum, maybe next year :)

Hey Marissa,
I was wondering were there ever times in basketball when you felt like you just werenít good enough and you werenít getting better or/and just felt discouraged that you just wanted to quit but you still really loved it so much (basketball) cause I am feeling like that? Basketball is kind of frustrating me now cause I am just not seeing the results, I donít know if I am not trying hard enough which could be or I am just not confident, thanks so much, your biggest fan :)

Marissa: There were definitely times were things got tough but if you want it bad enough you just have to keep working and being the best you can be. There were times this past season when I would be in the gym shooting thousands of shots and not seeing the results right away. That is when you need to take a step back and relax. Sometimes doing less is more!

Hi Marissa,
Will you be wearing number 25 when you play for the Mystics? How long have you been wearing that number? I play basketball and softball and number 25 is also the number I wear on my uniform.
Katie Jobson, Age 12

Marissa: Katie, I wonít be able to wear #25, Mo Currie has it. I am changing my number to 4. That is my younger brother's (he is 18) football jersey number. He is a freshman at Robert Morris in Pittsburg. He has been my biggest fan and #1 supporter, so it is kind of a dedication to him.

Hey Marissa,
I was wondering, did basketball come natural to you or was it something that you had to work really hard for like countless hours and stuff? Because Iíve been practicing and stuff, and to master all these moves and etc in game action particularly, is taking a lot of hard work. Basketball seems like it comes so naturally to you like it does to some people who are like born with natural abilities, so yeah I was just the way, I am so happy you're part of the Mystics. Everyone here at my school was so happy here in Virginia that youíre staying around to play. We all watched you in Maryland and you were amazing. 42 POINTS AND 15 REBOUNDS. Thatís ridiculous; it got you lots of props here :)
Thanks for being a positive role model,

Marissa: Hey Maha, a lot of my abilities I was blessed with. But at some point everyone's abilities are the same and thatís when the hard work pays off. Once I got to college everyone's talents were equal, what separated the great players from the good players was the amount of time the put in the gym. Those who work hard all the time, it pays off for them in the end!

I was talking to my Mystics account agent and she said you're already practicing with the team... I'm curious. Aren't you still in school? How does that work? What is your major? I know I'm being nosey, but I'm just curious.

Marissa: Chris, I actually finished with classes in December. So in the spring I did an internship with Comcast SportsNet. My major was Communications, and I hope to eventually get into sports broadcasting.

Hi Marissa,
Congrats on a great career at UMD and on becoming a Mystic where I am a season ticket holder. As a Terp for Life and a GVPT major History/Philosophy minor, I would like to know what was your major and minor? What were your favorite courses at UMD?
Jerry Higgins

Marissa: Jerry, I am a communications major. My favorite class at UMD was history of Rock and Roll; music is my second love behind basketball.

So glad we drafted you. I was e-mailing the GM almost everyday about our #2 draft choice. What do you think your biggest adjustment will be from college to the pros? Plus, since your dad stood up at the MD games, do you think your dad will finally sit down and watch a game? (ha!)
Welcome to the Mystics Family!!!!

Marissa: Thanks Shirley, I think just being able to adjust to the physicality and speed at the next level. I'm not sure what my dad will do, maybe he will finally sit down!

When you think about first picking up a basketball and compare it to scoring 42 points in a single game; what parts of your game do you think are less about your (amazing) natural talent and more about how hard you've worked to obtain the skill? Also, what songs get you hyped for a game?
Best Wishes,
Bethany Molitor

Marissa: Hey Bethany, I think free throw shooting is definitely something that is a credit to the hard work I have put in. I think it is a combination of all though, the hard work, natural ability and my passion for the game. Before games I have a "GameTyme" mix with a lot of different songs. The last five songs I listen to are "Dreamer" by Chris Brown, "Slide Show" by T.I and John Legend. "Gotta Be" by Deseree, "Never Wanted Nothing More" by Kenny Chesney, and "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizcut.

Thanks everyone for all of your questions and well wishes!