Black History Quotes from Mystics Players, Coaches & Staff

In honor of Black History Month, the Mystics have compiled quotes from players, coaches and front office staff. Check back regularly to see the latest quotes ...

"Black History Month should be celebrated everyday. It's a month that's kind of sad to me, because I am reminded of the struggles that people before us had to go through for us to be able to live comfortably today."
--Tamara James

"History is important because you have to remember where you came from in order to move forward."
--Michael Taylor

"[An African-American who has had a significant impact on my life] would be Lenny Wilkens. Coach Wilkens was a player that also became a coach in the NBA. He was known as a player-coach. He understood what could be done on the court as the game was being played (some coaches put plays on paper but don't have an idea how they work in real time). He is still the winningest coach in NBA history."
--Coach Tree Rollins

"When i was just starting to read, my mom gave me the book "Teammates" about Jackie Robinson. From an early age I was struck with his courage and determination. He stood strong, ending eighty years of baseball segregation and got back up every time someone knocked him down."
--Maria Giovannetti

"I recognize Black History every month, but in February I tend to listen to my elders more and share with my nieces and nephews what I've learned."
--Vishnu Dzidzienyo

"This year I have chosen to celebrate Black History Month by reflecting upon various achievements by Blacks in sports; to honor this I will be reading Tony Dungy's book, Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices and Priorities of a Winning Life."
--Rebecca Hunt

"Black History Month is dedicated to heroes that paved the way for Black people. It's a month that's very imperative because it gives those who lack the knowledge of our heroes a chance to gain insight. It's not just about the month, it's about the years that it took for us to get to this one month and it's beyond placing a value on how much Black History Month really means to me."
--Alana Beard

"Black History Month gives us the time to reflect upon and highlight significant figures who may otherwise be overlooked."
--Crystal Hudson

"The [African-American] executive making the greatest impact on my life was Coach Albert Frazier. Coach Frazier was the Athletic Director at Savannah State College during my enrollment. He gave me an opportunity to work in his office as a Student Assistant. Not only did Coach Frazier encourage me to pursue a coaching career, he shared with me his wisdom and insight with regard to what it takes to be a good coach and a good administrator."
--Jessie Kenlaw

"Usually the names associated with Black History Month are Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriett Tubman and Rosa Parks. Although these great leaders of our past deserve honorable recognition and worthy credit for much of our history, the heroes that I am most persuaded to continually learn about are those in my direct lineage. For example, I hear stories about how my Great Grandpa Bunn used to continually remind my aunts as children to always vote because he couldn't. Till this day, my Auntie Pat tells this story to my family to remind us to appreciate our history and how far we have come. She encourages us to vote because our ancestors, like Grandpa Bunn, once sacrificed everything they had for us to do something that we often take for granted. His picture might not be in a history book in school, but to me he epitomizes the value of what African American history is all about."
--Nikki Blue

"Black History Month is important not only for African-Americans, but all Americans. It's a chance to celebrate the achievements and strides that African-Americans have made. It's important to honor those that have paved the way for all of us. It's a time for us to celebrate African-American inventors, doctors, mothers, sisters, everyone that has had an impact on our lives. I'm fortunate enough to work with some of the best African-American athletes in the world. They are not only role models for me, but for our community as well."
--Nicole Boden

"Black History Month is a time to celebrate African-Americans who paved the way for a better life for other African-Americans. I am grateful for the many blessings and opportunities afforded to me because of the sacrifices that were made by so many people. Without our heroes, who knows where I would be today. It is my wish for my son that all people will live in harmony, and that his future remains bright."
--Sheila Robinson

"Black History is enjoying the life of our ancestors who paved the way for every African-American. No matter what color you are, the history of Blacks affected everyone; that's why we should cherish and respect Black history. Black history changed America and is continuing to change and shape our country. Black history is about everyone coming together to better themselves and America. Black history is being comfortable in your own skin no matter what color you are. Black history makes me proud of where I came from and where I am going in life."
--Bernice Mosby

"Black History Month is a chance for all of us to be reminded, and even learn a little bit more about American history. It is also a chance for us to remember that the sacrifices that have been made by previous generations should be remembered and celebrated every day by all of us."
--Ketsia Colimon

"[Black History Month is important] because it is a celebration of the struggle and sacrifice those put forth to help Black people to where they are today."
--Dana Simonelli

"Black History Month is important because it gives us a chance to reflect on the past, where society has been and where we are going."
--Sarah Novak

"Black History Month is a great celebration for Black people everywhere. I just hope we get to the point as Black people that we celebrate everyday like it is Black History month by living our lives and aspiring to be all we can. Many people lost their lives for us to have the privileges we have so we need to honor them by striving to be the best we can be."
--Crystal Robinson

"Black History is important because it is a part of everyone's history. You have to know where you've been before you can know where you're going. The month of February simply gives people a nationally, predetermined time frame in which to celebrate great African-American achievements and remember the struggles that have been fought to get us to the point we are at now. In reality, this doesn't last for just a month, but all year long."
--Nicole Jones