1-on-1 with Matee Ajavon

WashingtonMystics.com: Whatís been the biggest difference in your game this year compared to the previous three?

Matee Ajavon: I think I'm being a lot more aggressive, Coach Lacey has me out there, so I have to make a difference.

WM.com: How have you taken on being a veteran leader with such a young team?

MA: I have to, this is my fourth year and it's time to grow up. We have a lot of younger girls that are looking at us to help lead them.

WM.com: What are your thoughts on some of your new teammates such as Nicky (Anosike) and Kelly (Miller)?

MA: I love all my teammates, everyone works hard and we're a pretty cohesive group.

WM.com: Youíve been able to create a lot of 3-point plays so far this season. Is that something you practice or does it just happen naturally?

MA: I'm just being aggressive and trying to get to the rim.

WM.com: Your offensive numbers have been impressive thus far, but how would you say your defense has been up to this point?

MA: I think my defense can be better. We are constantly working on our defense and we need to prevent teams from scoring over 65 points. We havenít been successful thus far so we are continuing to work on it.

WM.com: Do you prefer running the point or playing off the ball as a 2 guard?

MA: Both, I can play both. I will do whatever I need to do to help my team win.

WM.com: If there is one part of your game in which you want to improve upon, what would that be?

MA: Every part. My leadership, my scoring ability, my defense. I am always trying to get better.

WM.com: With so many new faces on the Mystics this season, how has the team come together as a group?

MA: I think itís easy because a lot of people have counted us out, so if we are not together then who will be there for us.