1-on-1 with Kelly Miller

WashingtonMystics.com: As a veteran on this team, how do you try and teach some of the younger players about playing in the WNBA?

Kelly Miller: I like to lead by example. I hope my work ethic shows and they can follow that. Our rookies have come in and done a great job. I know it’s tough your first year but they’ve done really well.

WM.com: As someone who has won a WNBA championship, are you able to use that to your advantage because you know what it takes to go all the way?

KM: Yea it definitely helps. I know what it takes to get there, and you just need to be playing your best at the end of the season, so hopefully we’ll keep on improving and we’ll get there.

WM.com: Are there ever times when you learn something from one of the rookies or less experienced players?

KM: I think everyone learns from each other just from playing against each other in practice, so it can go both ways.

WM.com: You’ve played for a lot of different teams in a lot of different cities, how has your experience in Washington been thus far?

KM: It’s been great. The whole organization has been wonderful, and the city is a great city to be in and to play for. I have had a great time so far.

WM.com: How has it been playing under head coach Trudi Lacey?

KM: It’s great. This is my 2nd time playing under her and I love her competitiveness and passion for the game. She makes you better each day, so I’ve really enjoyed it.

WM.com: With so many new players coming together this season, how has the team chemistry been on the court?

KM: I think we’re getting there. We’re still trying to learn each other a little bit, but we’ve definitely improved since the beginning, so I think as we progress we’ll keep getting better.

WM.com: What do you think has changed about the WNBA from your rookie year until now?

KM: I think the whole competitiveness of the league. Now you can only have 11 players per team, so it has gotten a lot more competitive. The competition has gotten better throughout the years.

WM.com: Last year you were in Atlanta alongside your sister, do you miss playing with her at all?

KM: Yea that was fun playing with her. It was something we always wanted to do and we did it one year so that was a lot of fun.

WM.com: Coco (Kelly’s sister) played for many years here in Washington, when you were traded here did she give you any advice about coming to DC?

KM: Yea definitely. She told me about the city and how great the organization was. She told me how much I would enjoy it and gave me a lot of tips to help out.