1-on-1 with Jasmine Thomas

WashingtonMystics.com: What are your overall thoughts on your first few games as a professional?

Jasmine Thomas:Its been fun. Its been a learning experience and Iíve been trying to adjust to the different kind of game, but Iím picking things up quickly and moving along.

WM.com: What has been the biggest difference between college and the pro game?

JT: The talent level. These are the best women in the world playing this game so it makes it harder. Everyone is smarter and better.

WM.com: You averaged over 32 minutes a game in your senior season at Duke. How have you adjusted into a new role here with the Mystics?

JT: Itís definitely a different role, but itís something you adjust to in practice. I have done a lot of preparation to be able to understand what my role is and understand how to execute it. I just want to help us win.

WM.com: Is it easier adjusting to the pro game with so many rookies on the roster who are going through the same process?

JT: It has been. It makes it an easier transition when you have other people learning the same things, but we also need to push each other to learn things quicker.

WM.com: At this point in the season, how would you judge the teamís chemistry on the court?

JT: At times you can see itís a little shaky, but you can also see improvement and there have been spurts where we look great, so I know it will come together.

WM.com: You were a Mystics fan as a teenager, has it sunk in yet that you are now a member of the team?

JT: It has sunk in, of course initially there was a Ďwowí factor and I couldnít believe it was happening, but now I feel like this is what I worked hard for.

WM.com: If there is one part of your game in which you want to improve upon, what would that be?

JT: I definitely want to do a better job of setting up my teammates and putting them in better situations, and I want to change speeds.

WM.com: What is one thing the team has to do in order to be successful this season?

JT: We are very capable of playing great team defense for an entire game and I think we just need to avoid starting slow.

WM.com: You interned with the Mystics last summer, would you say that playing has been more fun than interning?

JT: Wow thatís a tough one, donít tell Becca but it is more fun being on the team (laughs).