1-on-1 with Ta'Shia Phillips

WashingtonMystics.com: How did it feel to be back on the court Saturday night?

Ta'Shia Phillips:It felt really good. Itís not fun to sit out, especially being out for a week, so it felt amazing to get back out on the floor and I was glad to join my teammates.

WM.com: What was the rehab process like?

TP: The same stuff we had been doing. I was just making sure I sat down a lot. I couldnít walk around or go shopping and I had to sit on my couch in a boot.

WM.com: Have you dealt with injuries before in your career?

TP: This is the second one Iíve had. I had shoulder surgery in college, but this was something I really wasnít expecting.

WM.com: Were you immediately comfortable when you returned to action or will it take some time for you to get back into a rhythm?

TP: I felt comfortable. Iíve been cutting weight like they wanted me to do and just getting out there with my teammates made me feel better.

WM.com: How have you adjusted from college to the professional game?

TP: It is so much faster, you just have to listen to the veterans, listen to the coaches and do your best every day.

WM.com: If there is one part of your game in which you want to improve upon, what would that be?

TP: Making sure I am fast enough to keep up with everyone else.

WM.com: How would you judge the teamsí chemistry on the court?

TP: We have great chemistry, on and off the court, we have a lot of fun.

WM.com: How close do you think this team is from playing to their potential and clicking on all cylinders?

TP: We do it every day in practice, we just have to show it in the games. We are really close.