1-on-1: Noelle Quinn

WashingtonMystics.com caught up with Mystics G/F Noelle Quinn for a one-on-one interview

WM.com: How have you felt youíve done thus far fitting in with this new collection of players

NQ: Itís been a first good month. We havenít won a lot of games but weíve been in a lot of games. Weíre a new team so of course chemistry is always an issue, but these guys made it easy for a newcomer like me. Coach has made it very welcoming and everyone is working hard. We just want to win games.

WM.com: What is one thing the team can do better to close out games?

NQ: Just take care of the ball. When we have less turnovers we have more possessions and in crucial moments we need to execute as well. When we get teams in the half court we get stops. Itís just a matter of executing offensively when we get the chance.

WM.com: Youíve been in Washington for almost 2 months now, what are your thoughts on the city?

NQ: I think itís a great city. I donít like the weather some days and I love it other days. Coming from LA we always have that nice ocean breeze. This is a great city with lots of things to do. .

WM.com:You're headed back to LA, what are your feelings towards returning? People at game to see you?

NQ: I love LA. Iím just ready to see my family, my friends, and have that good LA weather. Seeing old faces is always welcoming when I go back home.

WM.com: Jasmine told us sheís off to the Bahamas over the Olympic break, do you have any vacations planned?

NQ: LA is enough of a vacation for me. Coming from there you have the beaches, the restaurants and everything you really need because itís diverse. I think I might just chill with the family and keep it low profile but most importantly save money.