1-on-1: Jasmine Thomas

WashingtonMystics.com caught up with second-year point-guard Jasmine Thomas for a one-on-one interview

WM.com: Through the first part of the season, your shooting numbers have risen. Before the season, you said shooting is the part of your game you are always working on. How comfortable do you feel with your shot right now?

JT: Iím comfortable and confident because my teammates are looking for me. Theyíre finding me when Iím open and theyíre encouraging me to take those shots. A lot of times I pass up open shots and it makes the offense harder. So, I feel confident in taking those shots.

WM.com: Last year, your role was a little more defined as you came off the bench until the end of the year when you became a starter. This year, the team has 3 point guards and the rotation is not quite as set for that position. How does that change your approach each game?

JT: Itís been great because Iíve been able to learn so much from Natasha Lacy and Dominique Canty. Having the three of us rotate in keeps us fresh. Weíre all trying to be good leaders on this team and making sure our team is composed at the end of games so being able to rotate helps.

WM.com: Now you are a 2nd year point guard and have the rookie tag removed, what changes if any have you noticed in your game/approach from year 1 to year 2?

JT: Now when I make my mistakes, I know what Iím doing wrong. Itís never going to be perfect but I feel more comfortable. I know all the offenses, Iím familiar with the defenses, so itís more getting the rust off rather than learning everything all over again.

WM.com:When you came here, there were a couple of rookies who were going through the same rookie treatment as you were, but this year there is only 1. Have you been able to help Natalie at all get adjusted to life in the W?

JT: I have. Weíre both still learning a lot and we have great vets to learn from. But as far as traveling and being roommates on the road, itís been cool getting to know Nat. Weíre actually the same age, which is a little embarrassing but itís okay haha.?

WM.com:You spent your first off-season overseas, what are the biggest differences that you noticed between the game over there and here in the US?

JT: For me itís way more structured over here than it is overseas. Thereís a lot more coaching. You have defensive schemes that we didnít have overseas and the talent is also a lot higher. Itís a faster game, itís a stronger game, and you really have to be ready mentally to play these games.

WM.com: What did you miss the most while you were in the Czech Republic?

JT: Besides the food, the language, and my family and friends, I missed my teammates. I was really excited to get back here and play with these girls. We have a lot of new players but we also have a core few from last season so I missed them.

WM.com: According to @jazsthomas, you will be visiting the Bahamas over the Olympic break. Will this be your first time there and do you have a favorite vacation spot?

JT: This is my first time in the Bahamas and this is actually my first real vacation. Iíve been to Cancun with Duke but itís not the same. We had to play games and focus so Iím actually going to get to relax while Iím there so Iím excited.