Joan, Silver Spring: Hi everyone: Congratulations on making the squad! For DMJ: Will you be able to play and finish your commitment to Gambrinus since that team is doing so well in the EuroLeague and the Czech league? For AB: I know you must be happy that the Capitals won in Australia, but what's with the Cool Cats? How does it feel to lose so many games and come in last in the league? For Chas: How's the knee feeling? DeLisha Milton-Jones: Yes I will be able to finish. I will be come to camp in US and then get back to finish with the Czech team. Thanks and good luck! Joan

Alana Beard: That's tough, it was a frustrating season. Our team has nowhere to go but up, we have a lot of young girls, and we'll be better in the future.

Chasity Melvin : My knee is feeling much better. I'm just working on getting it stronger every day.

Keerica, Ga: Hello!How does it feel to be able to represent the United States at the 2006 FIBA World Championship?

DeLisha Milton-Jones: It's always a great feeling to play for your country. It's definitely and honor and I'm very excited to be back with national team. I missed some time with an injured knee, so this reunion is a sweet one for me.

Alana Beard: It's a great opportunity and I feel privileged to be involved. It's gonna be great to learn from all the great players.

Chasity Melvin : I feel like this is a great opportunity and a valuable experience. Everybody is so good here, you really need to be on your toes. I'm learning alot and enjoying it very much.

Shirley: Alana, Where should I have your skittles shipped to? Congratulations!

Alana Beard: To the MCI/Verizon Center.

taylor, lawrenceville, nj: What were your favorite moivies this past year or currently?

Alana Beard: My favorite movie was Saw 2.

Chasity Melvin : Right now, would be the Medea DVD series.

DeLisha Milton-Jones: My favorite would be Transporter 2, because that's the only movie I've seen in awhile since I've been overseas.

Oliver, St. Louis: What is the biggest difference between basketball in the wnba and the international game?

DeLisha Milton-Jones: The biggest difference between WNBA and European is the athleticism. The WNBA has more athleticism. Players jump higher, run faster and get up and down the court. In Europe, there are more fundamentally sound players, but less athleticism. Also, there are differences in the rules in Europe and the WNBA.

janie, silver spring, md: have any of you been to hungary before and waht it it like? also, what about brazil where the 2006 world championships will be?

Chasity Melvin : I've been to Hungary before, when I played in Poland one year, we made the Final Four which was held in Hungary. It's a nice country with great fans. I haven't been to Brazil though, but DeLisha has so she can talk about that.

DeLisha Milton-Jones: Basketball in Brazil is fun. It's so beautiful there and they have a great style of play. That country will always be in the running to medal, along with us, Russia and Australia.

Slovydal (Indianapolis): DeLisha, Who has played basketball in more different countries - you or your husband, Roland?

DeLisha Milton-Jones: Hmmm. I think I have him beat by about two countries.

grace, chicago: What are yous eating over there?

Alana Beard: We eat alot of chicken and pasta.

hanson, atlanta: I know alana you follow duke so what are there chances to win it all this year finally?

Alana Beard: I think they have a great chance. They just have to get that swagger back. I was at the UNC-Duke game and it seemd that UNC had that swagger. But I think Duke can really challenge for the title if they get that swagger back.

Alana Beard: Thanks you guys for sending in questions and supporting us. Enjoy watching NCAA basketball.

Chasity Melvin : I'd like to thank the fans for their questions, it's always great to here from them. Expect big things from the Mystics this year!

DeLisha Milton-Jones: I'd like to thank the fans as well. It's great that you are interested in us, even when it isn't during the WNBA season. We appreciate it.