Fred (Washington): Best wishes for the coming season. As a devoted season ticket holder, what should we expect you to look for in the draft? Besides Alana, where will we look for scoring?

Linda Hargrove: Obviously we have the No. 6 pick, so we have plans according to who will be available and also what we need. Right now, we are looking more toward a perimeter player as opposed to post player, but that could change depending on trades. As far as Alana, we think we have a very bright future with her and some other good offensive players to go along with her.

greg (arlington): What about trading the draft pick for a veteran like Griffan from the Minarchs, or the 7'0 from mercury you can never have to many post players

Linda Hargrove: We have examined and explored lots of options. We have the No. 6 and the No. 13 and that is a possibility. The trade deadline is 5 pm today, so anything can happen. If we don't get a veteran player via trade, we are comfortable selecting two players at those slots in the draft.

Fran, Wheeling, West Virginia: Linda, It may be a lot of work, but what is the best part about preparing for the draft?

Linda Hargrove: I love to evaluate talent, that is a great part for me, to watch players progress through the season, and look at them at the Final Four and the Combine. I really enjoy that part. The other thing I enjoy, is looking at other rosters and seeing how we can make the Mystics better via trade or free agent signings. I enjoy looking for the correct pieces of the puzzle and trying to build a winning team here.

Greg (NY): Who are some of the lesser known players that could be potential sleepers in the draft.

Linda Hargrove: I don't know if there are alot unknowns. Some of the players who we haven't heard much about, Dionnah Jackson, Roneeka Hodges, Sancho Lyttle from Houston, and Shyra Ely, who people saw at the Final Four are players who maybe aren't as well known as some of the top girls being talked about.

Trudy, Memphis: How much does Pat Summit get involved in the draft process?

Linda Hargrove: Pat is very involved. I'm in constant communication with her about players, where we rank them in our draft board. She is very involved in that process. I would say she has a big input in who we draft and who we trade for.

Crystal (Alexandria): How do you think the transition will be for you from an Assistant Coach to GM. (I know you were a GM in Portland before) Go Mystics!

Linda Hargrove: That's a very good question. I was a coach for many years and I did both at Portland. I think it's going to be different to not be on the bench this year, but I really look forward to the challenge and I think I will enjoy it.

gina, potamc, md: Linda - If Monique Currie from Duke would have entered the draft do you think she would have been the No.1 pick?

Linda Hargrove: I think that is a good possibility. She's a very talented, versatile player who alot of WNBA coaches and general managers think very highly of her. But it's tough to say, because there are quality players in this draft at every position, so depending on need, who knows who would go first? But if Monique was in the draft, you can be sure that she would impact the top of the draft in some way.

Sarah (White Lake, NC): What is the biggest trade suprise that you think we might see on draft day? Also if you had the number one pick who would you select on Saturday? (McCarville, White, other)

Linda Hargrove: I can't really predict the biggest surprise, you just never know what other teams are planning to do. Every year there are surprises, although it is happening a little less lately, since we have more access to foriegn players now. If we had No. 1 pick in draft, we'd look at perimeter players. So perhaps Tan White or Kendra Wecker would be players we'd be very interested in. But at this point, I doubt they will still be around when we pick at No. 6.

Donovan (Rockville): What did some of the Mystics players do during the off season to stay in shape?

Linda Hargrove: Many of our players are competing overseas, the biggest majority of our players are in Korea, or Spain or Turkey, somewhere over there. Delisha Milton-Jones is in Spain and others are still over there competing. That is mostly how our girls are keeping in shape.

Derek (Arlington, VA): You have three major WNBA vertans with DeLiesha, Murriel, and Charlotte. are you going to depend on them for team leadership even though two are new to the Mystics.

Linda Hargrove: I think we've got a great leader already on our team, in Alana Beard. I also see Murriel as a real positive. DeLisha and Charlotte have tremendous leadership abilities as well, so we like our core of players and leaders. I feel very fortunate to get this group together and I look forward to alot of success this year.

Linda Hargrove: I'd like to thank the Mystics fans, who are some of the most loyal fans in the league and I look forward to seeing you support us in our arena this season.