Alana Beard Chat

Beard recently won the first ever John Wooden Award for the best woman college basketball player
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Alana Beard, the second overall selection of the 2004 WNBA Draft joined the fans for a live chat just a days before her pro debut. She talked about her career at Duke, where she was All-ACC four years in a row.

The former Blue Devil guard also recently won the first ever John Wooden Award for the best woman college basketball player, along with numerous other post-season awards and selections to All-American teams also talked about her expectations with the Mystics.

The native of Shreveport, Louisiana is a lefty and known as a penetrator and defenseive standout. She gets high praise from ESPN analyst and Hall of Famer Anne Meyers.

"[She] changes the game on both ends of the floor. She can defend any of the one, two or three positions on the floor because of her range. She will give her new team versatility because of her ability to rebound as well as her ability to put the ball on the floor."

Here's what Alana had to say in a her online chat with some of her fans.

maryland: Alana you don't know how much you've inspired me you've had a great 4 years at Duke i want to win the Ntional Championship thats my dream and i want to make it reality you've inspired me to go to Duke and accomplish that. My question is how do you feel moving to DC?

Alana Beard: I feel great. I feel very blessed. This is a great team to come to and this is a great situation for me. This is the place I want to be.

Talisa(watsonville CA): hey Alana Beard whats up? First i want to say that you are the bomb! I also want to ask you what your goals are for your first WNBA season? leftys rock!!

Alana Beard: For sure, Lefty's do rock! I don't have any personal goals, I just want to help this team be a winner. I want to contribute in any way to make this team a winning team. Whatever I am asked to do, I will do it to win games.

Chris (West Haven,CT): Do you feel that this years rookie class can be the class that will can expand the Wnba to a larger audience, and help the league grow?

Alana Beard: Definitely. Like I said before, the women before us paved the way. The 2004 Class can bring some new style and versatility to the league. The people in the second round this year, could've been first rounders in past years. I hope we can add some talent and style to the league.

paula, san francisco: alana- hi and congrats on a great career at duke and the no. 2 pick of the wnba draft, but when you first became aware of the wnba eight years ago did you think you would play in the league?

Alana Beard: I thought I would play in the league. I remember telling my Mom how excited I was when the league first started. But I started to work hard then, to make sure I can get to the next level at college in order to reach the WNBA. I knew the WNBA was where I wanted to be.

Monique Currie: Whuts good AB? How is life been going 4 ya? Do u miss me?

Alana Beard: Ha-ha. Of course, I will miss all my teammates at Duke. I hope you bring it home next year and I think you and the team have a great chance next year and I know you will be Player of the Year!

Madd Country (Houtson, TX): Hello Alana! How thrilled are you on playing with Chamique Holdslaw? I know it will be exciting and fun to watch you two play. You have a wonderful rookie season and God Bless!!

Alana Beard: Thank you very much. It's very exciting to be playing with Chamique. I really respect and admire her game and I'm ready to learn from her on and off the court.

Deon: Do u feel u have more to prove since u didn't win an NCAA championship

Alana Beard: I don't feel like I have anything to prove. I think it's added motivation, but it's not about wanting to prove something. I want to be the best and I want to reach the top of the sport with other great players.

jaime, trenton, nj: Alana, Do you have a favorite NBA team and who do you think will win the NBA Finals this year?

Alana Beard:No favorite team, but I want the Lakers to win because of Karl Malone and Gary Payton taking a pay cut to win a championship. The Spurs and the Timberwolves are very good though. If I have to make a pick, I'm gonna go with the Timberwolves.

larry brooklyn: hi alana, i just want to say your intensity is amazing. whats gets you that intense its like you transform on the court?

Alana Beard: (Laughing) That's funny because I do think I transform. I'm laid back off the court, but on the court I am a winner and I need to be intense to play my game. I never step on the court without bring my intensity. That's a no-no.

Alexis(Florida): Congratulations A.B.I see u had 17 pts. n ur first game.I'm just wondering why weren't you the first in the draft, and does it bother you with all the hype that Diana Taurasi is getting.Have a GREAT season!!!

Alana Beard: Thank you. It doesn't bother me at all. She's a great player, and everyone can't be first. I don't think it matters who is first, but I want to thank Diana Taurasi, because I didn't want to go to Phoenix, I'm real happy right here in Washington.

Alysha (Milwaukee): Hi Alana, Who do you most look forward to playing against in WNBA?

Alana Beard: I already played against Tamika Catchings(last night), I didn't guard her, but I always idolized her and think she's terrific. I do look forward to playing against Diana Taurasi again. That should be a fun matchup.

Sarah (Portland): Alana. You are Big Tyme and I think you are the best female basketball player ever. If you could meet three people (dead of alive) who would you want to meet?

Alana Beard: Well, Sarah, I already met you! Michael Jordan, Jesus Christ, to get his personal views and the third one, I already met John Wooden. Thanks Big Tymer

Section 7, Durham: Alana, we are going to really miss you at Duke, but are planning some trips to DC. What has been the most challenging part of your transition from Duke to DC? Go Mystics!

Alana Beard: I haven't had a challenging part of the transition yet. I have to do commercial flights now, not charter like at Duke, that's been the only challenge so far.

Jean (Reston): What were your thoughts & feelings after last evening's Pre-Season game with the Indiana Fever?

Alana Beard: We have a lot to work on. These games are for learning for the rookies and the vets. I'm having fun and trying to get a feel for my teammates and the game in general.

Risa(Phoenix): what is it like to be a student athlete during college? balancing all the games and practices and traveling with your classes.

Alana Beard: It was a challenge. But I knew going into Duke that it would be that way. And look at me now, I have a degree from Duke University and I'm playing in the WNBA.

Cory Davis (Jackson, MS): Hey Alana, First I would like to wish you luck on your rookie season.I would also like to say that you are one of my favorite players. My question is, what do you plan bringing to the Mystics in your rookie year, and how good do you feel about playing in a Mystics uniform.

Alana Beard: I don't think I can express in words how I feel to be wearing the Mystics uniform. As far as what I will bring to the team, I will bring everything I have, my intensity, my offense and my defense. I will give it my all for the Mystics.

Alana Beard: I want to thank everyone for writing in and entertaining me for a few minutes. I hope to see you at the Mystics games and thanks again.