Moderator: Hey all. Thanks for sending in your questions and keep them coming! Alana is running a little late and so we are waiting on her.

DJ: Hey you guys! I wish you all the best of luck for the USA team and make sure to bring gold here again! How have you guys coped with the longevity of this year, just finishing up your WNBA season and training for worlds? Are you guys a bit tired?? USA USA!

DeLisha Milton Jones: I'm sure we're all tired, but we are putting that to the side and focusing on the task at hand.

Melissa (São Paulo): If you're both shopaholics like myself, you can't miss the stores in the fashion district. Start on Rua Oscar Freire and then up on Rua Bela Cintra. If you still have time, don't miss the heavenly pies at Cristallo. It's close to the arena and I'm pretty sure you won't miss Rodeo Drive one bit. You think you will do a little shopping? Good luck in the Worlds!

Alana Beard: Well, if it's anything like Rodeo Drive, we'll be there.

DeLisha Milton Jones: But, we're concentrating on the basketball too...and not just shopping...but the beach.

Alana Beard: Oh, shut go to the beach...I'm going shopping.

Cindy (Houston, TX): does the recnet departure of Yolanda Griffith and Lisa Leslie leave the team vulnerable in the post? any thoughts from either of you on whom the three additional players yet to be named should be?

DeLisha Milton Jones: We don't know who they are considering as replacements, but with Tina Thompson, myself and Tamika I think there is enough grit and experience to make up for the unfortunate loss of lack of height and skills of those players.

Tamara ( Boston,MA): How does it feel to be on the women's usa team?

Alana Beard: To me, it's my first time on the international level and it's an honor. I'm taking it all in stride and trying to learn everything I can. It seems like some of the older players are passing the baton to the younger players and I'm very grateful for that.

DeLisha Milton Jones: Ditto.

Alexandria, VA: Are you bringing your pandas with you to Brazil for good luck?

Alana Beard: Yeah.

DeLisha Milton Jones: Yeah.

Howard, DC: AB and DMJ: What do the Mystics need to do to win the championship next year?

Alana Beard: We need to buckle down defensively. That's the key.

DeLisha Milton Jones: Amen to that.

Nat: Hi Im big fan of WNBA from Europe so I would like to ask if youre going to play in Europe during the offseason

Alana Beard: I don't know where I'm playing.

DeLisha Milton Jones: Yes, I'm playing in Spain.

Hampton: First, thank you both for your WNBA season and your current dedication to USA basketball. Do you feel additional pressure to win gold since the mens team failed to win and is lineup uncertainity effecting team USA?

DeLisha Milton Jones: If there is any pressure, it's just that the rest of the world has elevated their men's and women's basketball. The talk around here, is that we have to be aware that the rest of the world is catchinig up and we need to play our very best to win.

Moderator: Unfortunately Alana is having phone trouble, but we still have DeLisha for a few more questions.

west palm beach: Hey Delisha i wanted to know do you still talk to Lisa Leslie, Tamecka Dixon, and mawida mabika?

DeLisha Milton Jones: I do keep in touch with Tamecka Dixon as well as Temeka Johnson.

Judith (Washington): Congrats to you both on making Team USA! What will the score be when you beat the Aussies on Thursday?

DeLisha Milton Jones: Ha (Laughing) As long as we have one more point at the buzzer, that's all we need!

DeLisha Milton Jones: To all our loyal fans, Alana and I would like that thank you for supporting the Mystics, the WNBA and our US National Team. It's our goal to do our best to help our country win the gold. Special shout-out to Chloe and Bam-Bam!