Tangela's Book Pick of the Week
Week of May 19 - The King of Torts by John Grisham

Smith Tangela Smith
This book is about a young public defender named Clay Carter who is given the opportunity to earn 15 million dollars with just a few months work. After earning the 15 million dollars the lawyer is then offered a mass tort case that he wins and gets paid 100 million dollars in fees.

A mass tort case is a case where lawyers sue large corporations that are selling bad products that causes consumers to have health problems. Depending on the case the lawyers are paid large fees, but the people harmed by the products get very small payouts.

Clay Carter rises to success by taking on many of these tort cases and he quickly becomes a very wealthy man and everybody refers to him as The King of Torts. But he doesn't know how to handle all of the money and the many problems that arises with having so much money. He starts blowing his money by buying things that he really didn't need. So in the end he has to rely on one last case to pull him back up, but he loses it and everything that he has.

This was a great rags to riches story that teaches people that those who rise quickly can just as easily fall the same way. It teaches people who are blessed with many things in life to have control and to not go overboard with things that aren't necessary. >