Linda Fröhlich - Q & A

Fröhlich was a three-time honorable mention All-American for UNLV, and finished as the school's all-time leading scorer with 2,355 points. She is also the Lady Rebels' all-time career rebounder with 1,124, and was a three-time Mountain West Conference Player of the Year selection. She also earned National Freshman of the Year honors in 1998-99 after finishing sixth in the nation in scoring with 23.5 points per game, and her senior year she led UNLV to a NCAA Tournament at-large selection. She has played three seasons in the WNBA, playing two years (2002, 2003) with the New York Liberty who drafted her 26th overall in the 2002 WNBA Draft. She also played in Indiana for the Fever during the 2006 season. Most recently, Fröhlich spent the 2006-07 offseason in Turkey helping her team, Fenerbahce, win the Turkish League Championship.

Where were you when you found out that the Monarchs wanted to sign you?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "I was at home hanging out with my husband having a good time when I got the call. My husband and I live in Fontana, which is in Los Angeles."

You have your own website,, how much do you enjoy having the site and do you keep up with it regularly?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "We have been slacking a little bit! But now, with me being here with the Monarchs, we're going to be keeping up with it again. It has always been a nice way to get back to the fans because you can't give everyone the attention that you really want to give them. The website is a little site where people can go and check it out and say, hello!"

How excited are you to be a Monarch?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "I'm really thrilled! I think the situation is unfortunate, my thoughts and prayers go out with DeMya. My hope is that, if I can just bring half of what she's brought, it will be a great experience here."

What assets do you bring to the team?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "I'm here to help the team and I'm going to do whatever it takes to try and bring that every day. So, rebounding, defense, whatever this team needs I'm going to try and do. I hope that I can make my teammates better, just by doing the things that are necessary. My strength is to just do whatever helps the team."

Before joining the Monarchs what were your thoughts on the Monarchs franchise?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "Always great. I always loved to come to this arena. This is one of the arenas that I always remember the fans being so loud. And the entertainment factor here was always very nice. I'm proud and happy to finally be a part of this team!"

Is it difficult to be so far away from your family in Germany?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "I've been away from home for nine years now. Being in America has become my second home. I've lived in New York, Las Vegas, but Sacramento actually reminds me the most of home. I'm from a rural city (Pforzheim, Germany). It's a lot of fields, a lot of agriculture. That's what I've seen here, I haven't seen that much, but that makes me feel like I am at home!"

According to your website, growing up your weakness was fundamentals, now, you are regarded as a fundamentally sound post player. How did you develop your game?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "It has been my mother's (encouragement) since I was very young. She said that I wouldn't always be able to rely on just my height. I was always the tallest one (growing up), so I got away with a lot of stuff. So, she reinforced from early age that I needed to get better fundamentally and not try to just get by. I've had great coaches as well. In Germany, I had individual coaches that would teach me the foot work and all the fundamentals of the game."

One of your favorite cities is San Francisco, you must be happy with your new proximity to the city?:
Linda Frohlich Fröhlich: "Absolutely, I'm thrilled to be here; my husband is only an hour flight away. I'm still in California, so everything is what I have been used to for the past five or six years. When I have been driving around Sacramento, it is just nice, because this feels like home!"