Krystal Thomas Blog: Bonding in Seattle

By Krystal Thomas / @Simply_KT

Hey, X-Factor!

How excited are you all that the second half of the season is underway? After a month of grueling practices, I know I was eager to get back on the court competing.

The Olympic break was very important for our team. We were able to get into the gym and work on some of the things that we were not doing very well during the first half of the season. Perhaps more importantly, we were able to grow closer as a team both on and off the court and I really think that has been beneficial for us. Even though the outcomes of the first two games back were not at all what we had planned, in spite of our numerous injuries, we still continue to fight hard and strive to make progress in the right direction.

For those of you who follow any of the Mercury players or staff on Twitter, you may have seen some pictures of a few practical jokes that were played on various members of the team throughout our road trip to Seattle last week.

As you all know, last Thursday was Candice Dupree’s 28th birthday. To help her celebrate, Sammy [Prahalis], Avery [Warley] and I decided to decorate her hotel room door so that she would be surprised when she woke up the next morning. We decorated her door with an array of things – most notably a Justin Bieber singing card, a Polly Pocket purse, Disney Magical Princess Makeup, and my personal favorite: undergarments that were (roughly) ten sizes too big

The three of us were very proud of our handiwork, to say the least.

Our mischievous ways didn’t end there; we had a left over pair of undergarments that we chose to put over Nakia Sanford’s door. We snuck our way down to her hotel room, taped the undergarments on her door, and escaped without getting caught.

I must say that our nightly escapades provided an uproar of continuous laughter on the bus the next morning with several priceless photos.

However, being the veteran players that Candice and Nakia are, they turned that prank back onto the rookies in what I like to refer to as a “Rookie Welcoming Ceremony.”

They collected the undergarments and made each of the four rookies (Lynetta Kizer, Sammy Prahalis, Avery Warley, and Dymond Simon) wear the undergarments over their regular clothes for the entire trip back to Phoenix. This meant walking through the airport in Seattle, flying on the plane back to Arizona, and once again through Sky Harbor Airport.

The expressions on all of the onlooker’s faces were absolutely hysterical as they attempted to figure out what was going on. I must say I am very lucky to have been on the “right” side of this road trip’s practical jokes! Of course, it was all in good fun and everyone willingly participated in the festivities.

The laughs and camaraderie off the court are how this team continues to stay together throughout this difficult time on the court. We will continue each and every day to work hard and put W’s in the win column. Thank you, fans, for continuing to stick by our side!