Mayor Stanton, the Merc, and a Broken Nose

By Ben York,

Get elected as Mayor of Phoenix. Check.

Show unwavering support for the two time WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury. Check.

Fracture nose in two places while going up for a rebound as part of the team's practice squad...


On Monday, Aug. 13, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton practiced with the Phoenix Mercury as part of their practice squad. While running drills as part of the team, he went up for a rebound against the Mercury's Nakia Sanford and came down with a broken nose, fractured in two places.

Mayor Stanton started bleeding immediately (check out the video here and the picture to the right) before Phoenix Mercury trainer Tamara Poole provided first aid and treatment. Following advice from Poole, Mayor Stanton went to St. Joseph's Hospital for a CT scan and it was determined that his nose is indeed fractured in two places.

Mayor Stanton toughed it out, is doing well and is in good spirits. He will meet with a doctor to determine if further care is required.

Give Mayor Stanton a lot of credit though -- he participated in multiple drills (half court and full court) and asked for a sub only once before the double fracture (with the amount of running the Phoenix Mercury does, that's a pretty big accomplishment).

"Playing with the Phoenix Mercury was an incredible experience despite receiving a broken nose," Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said. "As a basketball fan and player, I have great respect for our hometown team, and these kinds of injuries are just part of the game -- they're battle wounds. I had a great time today and I can't wait to watch the first game of the Mercury back in action on Aug. 19."

Not that there was any doubt before, but this certainly proves the WNBA is a league that features highly skilled, tough and incredibly strong women.

The Mercury's next home game is August 19 against the San Antonio Silver Stars at 3:00 PM Phoenix time. Click here for tickets.