Mercury and TASER Team Up

By Ben York,

Last month, the Phoenix Mercury and TASER held a unique seminar for fans to learn more about the vast array of benefits that come with owning a TASER device.

And while TASER devices can be a touchy subject, when used properly, they can absolutely save your life.

TASERs were initially introduced as an alternative for police to subdue fleeing or dangerous criminals who likely would have otherwise been subjected to lethal weapons. Research has indicated that since TASERs were introduced to police forces in the late 1990's, nearly 90,000 lives have been saved while officer injuries have also declined.

These devices (especially the C2 model) are now designed with your protection in mind. In fact, it utilizes the exact same technology that police have.

At the special event in July, attendees were able to see a live demonstration of the TASER C2 device and learn more about how the product works. Fans were given instructions on activation, safety release, how and where to aim, and firing the device.

Additionally, each fan received two tickets to that night's Mercury game. Win-win!

Amber Cox, President and COO, and Corey Gaines, Head Coach, made appearances at the event and shared their own benefits about the product (they both own a TASER C2). With the new partnership between the Mercury and TASER, fans can receive 20 percent off a TASER C2.

"It's exciting that a national company like TASER -- a hometown company responsible for saving so many lives -- chose to partner with the Mercury," said Cox. "Owning a TASER C2 gives me great peace of mind. Especially for women, it provides protection, but is much safer than a gun. Plus, it's small and easy to carry. I highly recommend it to our fans."

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