Five Questions With Sanford and Thomas

Five Questions: Nakia Sanford and Krystal Thomas

By Ben York,

One of our goals at is to keep you in touch with the team and its players as they migrate overseas once the WNBA season ends. Admittedly, itís a task that is easier said than done based on the playersí hectic schedules and immense responsibilities (many practice twice a day for 3-4 months!).

Still, itís always nice for fans to stay connected to their favorite players, even if itís only a quick update.

So, in that spirit, weíre beginning a unique Q&A series where we ask Mercury players five random questions with the hope that the X-Factor gets to know them a little better. Today, we begin with the Bigs: Nakia Sanford and Krystal Thomas.

Ever wonder what the most embarrassing song on Nakiaís iPod is? Or, what person that Krystal learned the most from last season?

Read on. If you could work with one person off the court, in any capacity, who would it be?
Nakia Sanford (NS): Wow, tough one....I canít pick just one; itís too hard. I would say Alana Beard or Diana Taurasi. In terms of work ethic, they have impressed me the most. Who has been the funniest teammate youíve been around during your time in the WNBA and why?
NS: I think this is a question for a younger player. Can you imagine how many crazy, funny teammates I have had?! Do you have a specific player or coach you learned the most from in the 2011 season?
NS: I would have to say the whole Phoenix Mercury family. I learned so much from my new sisters and the staff about basketball and life. It was a great experience. Give us a song or album on your iPod you are embarrassed to own:
NS: "Mine" by Taylor Swift. (I bought the whole CD.) Who is the one player in the WNBA that youíve known the longest?
NS: Well, the only people left from my first year are Alana Beard, Coco miller and Chasity Melvin.

*** Player or coach you learned the most from in 2011:
Krystal Thomas (KT): Corey Gaines. What was the most interesting and/or unique moment youíve had overseas thus far?
KT: Stepping off the plane when I first landed in France and realizing I wasnít in America anymore. Whatís the strangest pre-game routine that youíve seen by a WNBA player?
KT: So far, I havenít experienced anything too out of the ordinary but now Iím definitely going to keep my eyes open. Song on your iPod you are most embarrassed to have:
KT: Demi Lovatoís ďUnbrokenĒ album. Favorite city to play in overseas?
KT: Since this was my first year, and Iíve only played in one, it has to be Lyon, France.