Pat, Phoenix: Who was your favorite basketball player growing up, man and/or woman?

Adrian Williams: Growing up I really didn't have a favorite basketball player. I really just played it for fun without watching on TV. My sport was track so Jackie Joyner Kersey was one of my favorites.

Michelle (Phoenix): I heard you sing the National Anthem this season and you have a beautiful voice. When did you start singing and have you ever or will you ever sing professionally?

Adrian Williams: First of all, thank you. I started singing when I was very young in the choir. But before that my brothers and sisters would sing all the time. I just like singing. My father was the minister of music at the church where I grew up and he even recorded a gospel album in the '80s.

phil (hb, ca): hey adrian. you are so beautiful! anyway, i just wanted to congratulated you on your all star selection. My question is what did you do different from last year to get you into the allstars?

Adrian Williams: Thank you, Phil. I began when Coach was hired and said that we want you to be more aggressive and offensive-minded. In the past, my focus was rebounding and defending, so this year I just got the shackles taken off.

Jenna, Mesa: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Adrian Williams: That's a tough question. I like "Money Talks" and "The Five Heartbeats." I also loved "Juice". Anything with Chris Tucker is great. My favorite are Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks and Samuel L. Jackson. Anything with those guys in it.

Linda, Mesa Az: What was it like to be drafted by Phoenix?

Adrian Williams: I was excited to be drafted by Phoenix primarily that Cheryl Miller was the coach. And I liked Jennifer Gillom's game.

Sabrina, Wickenburg, AZ: Will you try coaching after your playing career is over? Broadcasting?

Adrian Williams: I haven't really thought about coaching. As far as college or the WNBA, I wouldn't want to travel as much. So I think I'd like to coach high school. I remember how much I learn and wanted to learn in high school, so I think that's what I'd go for.

Jeff, Avondale: What do you think of the Mercury's new uniforms?

Adrian Williams: I like them. At first it was weird. You always heard "Tuck your shirt in." I think they wanted to make them more stylish and more conducive to the female form. So I like them.

Shonda (Peoria, IL): Did you ever play any other sports in high school or college?

Adrian Williams: In high school I ran track. I got fourth in the state in the 300 hurdles. That was my first love. I decided on basketball because of the team aspect and I thought it would be more stable.

Danny (Hollywood,FL): Hey Adrian, how do you feel that you will play with Sheryl Swoopes in this weekend? Can you dunk.. I saw you almost dunk when vs Los Angeles this season.

Adrian Williams: I'm excited just to look on the rosters and I'm listed among greats. If I"m open and I get the chance to dunk, I'm going to try.

Pauline, Phoenix: My daughters named her new fish Adrian and Lisa after you and Lisa Harrison. Do you have any pets and what are their names?

Adrian Williams: I don't have any pets at this time. I used to have a fish named Kobe, but he passed away. It was so hard to deal with the loss, that I can never have another pet again.

Ryan F. (Tiburon, CA): Hi Adrian! I picked you as one of the Top 10 Virtual GM Sleepers on my article, and by making the All-Star team, you've made me look like Nostradamus! What skills of yours do you think separates you from the other C-F's in the league? Do you have a Goto Move that you like?

Adrian Williams: I don't have a go-to move that I like. I'm just using my athleticism and I'm quick and I can anticipate. If I'm playing a center, I'll use my quickness. Oh, and thank you. I only saw my name in the "Sleepers" category. So I have to give you credit for that.

Phoenix: Your season, so far has been very good. What goals have you set for yourself this season? Who is your favorite author?

Adrian Williams: I set the goal every year of getting better. As far as the season goes, I want to be more aggressive offensively and to keep up my strength on the boards. My favorite author would have to be Max Mulcedo and Michelle McKinley-Hammond.

Gloria, Glendale: What would you be doing today if you were not playing basketball?

Adrian Williams: If I weren't playing basketball I'd probably be married with two kids and doing something around basketball, like sports marketing. But definitely something related to hoops.

Adrian Williams: Thank you so much for your questions. They were great. Thanks for supporting the WNBA and the Mercury and keep your eye out for me in the All-Star Game.