Winner of NBC's "Biggest Loser" to Captain Team Mercury

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By Ali Vincent
Posted: Sept. 10, 2008

Hey X-Factor!

Well, I’m a little down about not making the playoffs, but it was another great season nonetheless. Our Mighty Mercury fought until the very end though and that’s why I love them. They never give up! It wasn’t our year on the court, but I’m positive Ann Meyers Drysdale is already at hard at work, getting ready for next season.

Last week was amazing for me. I was honored by the Mercury at the Rock the Pink night as the Inspiring Woman of the Year. Talk about realizing that you can change your destiny. A year ago today I would have never had the privilege to be associated with this group of amazing woman who give it everything they have day after day.

That is what it is about really… not playing in the WNBA or winning the Biggest Loser but choosing everyday to get up and get moving even when you don't feel like it in the moment because the goal or the end result is worth it. It is in the journey, so whether you have been on top of your training for the race or not, today is a new day. Re-choose into your life. Give and contribute to something greater than yourself and hit the road or the gym.

I met some of you at the game and I know together we can build our team and our presence at the Race for the Cure. More than 50 people signed up for our team on Friday night! That’s amazing! But let’s keep it going. So tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to race with you and with the Phoenix Mercury to show the valley that when we believe in ourselves and support one another there is nothing we can't do.

Believe It, Be It X-Factor!

By Ali Vincent
Posted: Aug. 21, 2008


Hope everyone is doing well with training for our Race for the Cure 5k! I'm back in AZ this week, but returning to L.A. on Friday.

I've been hitting it hard at the gym and running through downtown Phoenix. I prefer outdoor running, but you know, unless you get up at the crack of dawn, it's impossible in this heat.

But DON'T GIVE UP! Find a way!

There's always a treadmill.... or grab a friend and do it after dinner when it starts to cool down a bit. I think this is when it starts to get tough. Once you say you want to do something… really put it out there… it seems like obstacles pop up. Your alarm doesn’t go off. You stayed up too late the night before. You get out of that business meeting 5 minutes after the gym closed.

But remember YOU CAN DO IT and I'm doing it with you!

My favorite song to get me inspired to run run run this week is "Where Are We Running" by Lenny Kravitz. Get it on your iPod and let it jump start your feet!

I'm in L.A. next week to start shooting the Biggest Loser Workout DVD! I'm also doing a photo shoot and commercial for 24-Hour Fitness.

They've got me busy busy busy so we have to make time to run, right? I'm gonna check in next week to tell you how I did.

By the way, make sure you're getting your friends and family signed up for the Mercury's Race For the Cure team!

Let's show 'em that the X Factor is a force to be reckoned with in ANY arena! Until next time...

"Believe It, Be It!"


By Ali Vincent
Posted: Aug. 7, 2008

Hello X-Factor,

I hope your training is off to a great start for our 5K…the Race for the Cure on October 12.

You still have plenty of time if you have been thinking about it but just haven't gotten around to signing up. Trust me, I know it's hard to make that first step. What you might not realize is that you've already made it. I know your probably sitting there reading this thinking, “what is she talking about? I haven't done any walking or running.” What I'm talking about the desire to want to do it. That's the first step, that's the hard part.... DESIRE to do something different. I know if you are reading this, the desire is there, so let's put some action behind it. Let's challenge ourselves.

It truly doesn’t matter if you’ve done any physical activity or not. Walking to and from you seats at a game or just completed your first Ironman (or woman rather)…everyone can be a part of this race and Team Mercury. There is action to be taken. And remember, this race if for a great cause.

I’ve started the training regimen myself! I spent some time at a lake in Idaho with my

family. We biked from Montana to Idaho. It was actually more of a tourist ride… not too difficult, about a 15 mile ride at a 2% down grade. I got the privilege to pull my two nieces Avery & Macy through what they call Lookout Pass. It was gorgeous and a great workout.

As far as the training goes for the race, I would run with my sister Amber for a bit. I decided while I was there I would work more off of a time base. So the first day, I ran 17 minutes to a particular destination and 21 minutes back. Each of the following days, I did the same run, working on my pace. To be honest I barely increased my time, but I did finish each day and that’s the most important thing!

Immediately after the lake, I headed to New York for a photo shoot, to record an online show as well as a popular talk show (sorry can't tell who it is yet, but you'll see!) so I took my niece Alexis with me. She’s 13. Alexis has a soccer tournament directly following our trip so she needs to train too. Most of our training will be focused on the endurance…translation…a lot of walking while we see the sights!

Alexis and I always take the stair option, which helps and I have hit the gym a couple of times for some weight training and treadmill work.

I'm going to sign off for now! Keep pushing X-Factor…we’re going to be great on October 12! And tell your friends & family to come see me at the game on September 5. My mom and I are looking forward to meeting all of you and getting you registered for the race.

Best of Luck in training,

By Ali Vincent
Posted: Aug. 1, 2008

Hello X-Factor! I am so honored to be the Phoenix Mercury’s Inspiring Woman! I’ve been a Mercury fan since the days of Michele Timms and Jennifer Gillom and have always looked to them as inspiration and a pure example of health. You can only imagine my surprise to be honored by them for regaining control of my health and my life by being a part of The Biggest Loser.

By taking steps towards being healthy, I am also taking a step towards preventing breast cancer, which has unfortunately effected my family. I’m excited to be captaining the Mercury’s Race for the Cure team, which benefits a great organization – the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This is my first 5k and I’m a little nervous! But I will be doing the training regimen that’s on the Mercury website right along with you and checking in to tell you about my experiences. I encourage you to join me and sign up for the race on October 12. We will accomplish this together for a great cause! I know it won't be easy and I also know it will be worth it.

I always say, “if you can dream it, you can be it.” Let’s show Phoenix that the X-Factor is a force to be reckoned with and show up October 12 in huge numbers with huge donations to contribute. Tell your friends and family and let’s get training!