One-on-One with Tyresa Smith

Posted: April 25, 2007

The Phoenix Mercury drafted Delaware forward Tyresa Smith in the second round of the 2007 WNBA Draft (18th overall selection). The rookie sat down with to talk about her first WNBA training camp. What are your impressions of your first WNBA camp?

Tyresa Smith: I really like it. I like the way they play. Itís just running and thatís something I like to do. We came in here our first practice, I was a little nervous of course, everybody I think was, and I came out here and once we started playing I got into it. I like how we just run and then he teaches what they run. So itís been fun these past couple of days, a little tiring but itís been fun. Are you seeing any differences between the college and pro game?

Tyresa Smith:Definitely! Well I donít if itís just here, but here we run a lot more then we did in college. Itís a lot tougher, and a lot stronger; itís a lot quicker. So everybody here is quick, everybody here is athletic. So itís different, much different from college. What do you think itís going to take for you to make the team?

Tyresa Smith:Itís a lot of hard work. Everyday we come in here weíve got two-a-days. We didnít have that in college, so every time I come out here youíve got to give your best. Youíve got a chance to impress the coaches, the GM; so you just got to come out here and work hard every time and donít let down. What were your reactions to the Mercury drafting you?

Tyresa Smith:I was surprised actually, because before I had heard other teams were interested, but I didnít hear anything about Phoenix. I was excited to come out here to Phoenix! Especially to play with great players like this and I heard it was a great organization. So I was excited once I heard Phoenix picked me. Itís a great area and Iím happy ever since Iíve been out here. I love it out here. What do you feel you can bring to the team to make you stand out?

Tyresa Smith:A lot of energy! I think I fit in good with my quickness, athletic ability, and my defense. I feel like coming here, especially learning from the great players like Taurasi, Penny, and Cappie, besides bringing my skills I want to learn a lot from them too. I think I can bring a lot of energy and athletic ability in my quickness, help us out a lot.