Mercury Players and Staff Give Thanks

Posted: Dec. 24, 2008 recently caught up with several Mercury players and staff to discuss their favorite things about the Thanksgiving holiday.

I am thankful forÖ

Head Coach Corey Gaines: Health and family.

General Manager Ann Meyers Drysdale: My family and their health.

President & COO Jay Parry: Being surrounded by great people - my awesome family, super cute boyfriend and our fantastic Mercury supporters.

Assistant Coach Julie Hairgrove: My family.

Assistant Coach Bridget Pettis: This moment.

Mercury guard Diana Taurasi: Being lucky enough to have an amazing family and funny friends!

Mercury guard Cappie Pondexter: The many blessings that God graciously gives me! My family, friends and fans and Iím extremely thankful for the change that is about to happen in my country with the new President!!! (Chi-Town)

Mercury guard Kelly Mazzante: My family and friends and the Phoenix Mercury!

Mercury forward Barb Farris: All my family and friends who don't let a day pass without telling me how much they care about me.

Mercury center Olympia Scott: LIFE, LOVE and FAMILY!

Mercury guard Allie Quigley: Family and friends, my health, and of course basketball!

My favorite Thanksgiving dish isÖ

Mercury guard Diana Taurasi: Cannelloni filled with Spinach.

General Manager Ann Meyers Drysdale: Turkey! Dark meat with mashed potatoes.

President & COO Jay Parry: My momís green beans and pecan pie!

Head Coach Corey Gaines: Sweet Potato Pie.

Assistant Coach Julie Hairgrove: Stuffing.

Assistant Coach Bridget Pettis: Fried Turkey.

Mercury guard Cappie Pondexter: Banana Pudding.

Mercury guard Kelly Mazzante: My momís homemade creamed corn!

Mercury forward Barb Farris: A "Turducken.. Itís a turkey stuffed with a chicken that's stuffed with a duck with rice and sausage dressing. Itís from a local butcher in the New Orleans area. It satisfies all meat cravings for the holiday.

Mercury center Olympia Scott: A tie between Honey Baked Ham and homemade stuffing or "dressing" straight out of the turkey.

Mercury guard Allie Quigley: Mashed potatoes and rolls with LOTS of butter.... very healthy I know, but oh so good!