Moderator: Diana is running a bit late, but I just talked to her and she'll be with us soon.

Maywood Bus: How's your health? Did you recover from the injury against Indiana on Sat.? Will you be playing Friday at 100%?

Diana Taurasi: Well, I have a hip-pointer, which is still a little sore and bruised so I'm not sure if I can play on Friday. That is a game-time decision.

Vee: What do you expect the game at Radio City Music Hall to be like?

Diana Taurasi: I think it's gonna be a good time. With the Olympic Team and the WNBA All-Stars there it will be a great game for fans to watch.

Rey OHIO: With all the basketball you've played over the past year, are you starting to get tired?

Diana Taurasi: Not really. Right now is one of the most exciting times in my basketball career. We are having so much fun right now, I don't really fell like I'm tired. I'm enjoying this.

Joe (AZ): I read somewhere that you were a big Simpsons fan... is this true? and if so give me your favortie simpsons character and quote

Diana Taurasi: My favorite is Homer, he's great guy. I love when he says, "Mmmmm, Donut"

Khali: What's Coach Graf like as a coach? and was it tough getting use to her accent?

Diana Taurasi: Coach Graf is amazing, how much she knows about the game. You get used to the "mates" and the "bloody messes". I'm really glad she is here as our coach.

billy onhsee (austin,MN): how did you feel when you heard you were on the Olympic team?

Diana Taurasi: Oh, man. I could hardly breath. They announced it and it was amazing. It was truly a great moment.

Jane (Orlando): Diana, do you ever spar with Nikki, Gwen, and Ashley over the Husky-Vol rivalry? You are certainly outnumbered! Good Luck in Athens!!

Diana Taurasi: Oh yeah. The Lady Vols outnumber me on this team. Nikki has zero, Gwen has zero and Lisa has one, so I have three, so I'm beating them 3-1.

sophia (san francisco): What kind of music pumps you up before a game, and what artist is in your CD player right now?

Diana Taurasi: I got the Juda-Kiss. I switch it up. Guns-and-Roses greatest hits.

Tina - Cincinnati: Hey Dee - Tell us about your new shoe line. When? What? Anything! I can't wait to get them! Thanks. I love watching you play! Go USA.

Diana Taurasi: I'm working with Nike and getting a shoe out. Hopefully I can get a shoe out that will be unisex, one that can be worn by girls and boys. I'm looking forward to it.

Carmen ( Rockville): I'm gona be at the Mystics game on sunday... have you or Alana been talking trash to each other?

Diana Taurasi: Ha-ha. We talk on and off through emails, but we don't talk trash. It will be fun meeting up with her again.

Maria (Blaine): Diana, I am such a HUGE fan and i think you are one of the BEST basketball players!!! My question is... What type of things do you like to do when you have free time??

Diana Taurasi: First off, thank you. I go to movies, listen to music and watch TV, and DVDs, plus I like to sleep. I do alot of sleeping.

Alanna (Pompton Plains, NJ): What do you think you will be doing in the offseason?

Diana Taurasi: I will go back to school and finish up my degree, and then maybe I will head to Europe and play over there.

Diana Taurasi: Thanks for supporting the Mercury and the WNBA and our web page and the Also keep watching and coming out to our games. Thanks again.