Checking in With Ketia Swanier

Posted: March 5, 2010 recently caught up with Ketia Swanier, who has been traveling around the country for the NBA All-Star weekend, events for her Ketia4Kidz Foundation and spending countless hours in the gym preparing for another title run this season.

You recently returned from a weekend in Dallas for the All-Star weekend where you were able to spend some time with kids at nearby Fort Hood. What was that like?

I teamed up with Champions 4 Champions, which is an organization that provides programs for American service men and women and their families, and we hosted a basketball clinic for just over 100 kids on base at Ft. Hood. Iím able to connect really well with military kids because I grew up in the same manner they are. My parents were deployed, serving our country and I always liked being part of an event that took my mind off of that. I just wanted to relax and have fun and thatís what I gave the kids at Ft. Hood a chance to do.

You are now preparing for an event at the base you spent some time growing up on, Fort Benning, Ga.?

Yes, we are heading down to Georgia the first weekend in March to throw an ice cream social for kids of the deployed 3rd Brigade/Infantry Division, which is currently in Iraq. I lived on the base from 8th through 12th grade, so Iím very familiar with it. Iím excited to go back to see how everyone is doing and just give the kids something fun to look forward to.

So, what is keeping you busy in between the Keita4Kidz events?

Iíve been working with a trainer in New Jersey and he is definitely keeping me busy and in shape. Iíve been training for about five hours a day, so obviously that is exhausting.

Are there certain things you are focusing on in preparation for the season?

Iíve been doing a lot of speed training and lifting and of course, basketball drills. I know I have to be in top shape when I return to Phoenix because Coach Gaines doesnít cut us any slack.

What are you looking forward to most this season?

I canít wait to get back and see my teammates and coaches. Obviously, we want a repeat of last season, so the hard work starts now!