Shay Murphy and the #BLTMovement

By Ben York,
Posted: May 23, 2014

The object of “paying it forward” is straightforward, yet unbelievably profound.

In short, the beneficiary of a good deed repays it by doing something “good” for someone else. It’s about making a difference and embracing the incredible power of giving, no matter how small it may seem.

It’s also something the Mercury’s Shay Murphy is passionate about.

Murphy has started the “#BLTMovement,” better known as “Buy Lunch Thursday.”

The goal is simple: buy lunch for a complete stranger.

“It’s just something I’m trying to do to make a difference,” Murphy said modestly. “A little something to make the world better. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. It could even be a snack or soda at the convenience store.

“The power of kindness goes a long way.”

Murphy has posted photos (like the one on the right) to her Instagram account (@heyshay14) buying lunch for random, unsuspecting patrons at fast food restaurants and snacks at the movies. Murphy says that simple acts of kindness like these can make someone’s day and inspire compassion.

You can do the same and send the photos to Shay through her Instagram and Twitter (@ShayMurphy14) accounts while using the hashtag #BLTMovement.

“The world could always use more kindness,” Murphy added.

We couldn’t agree more.