Playoff Quotes, Game 2: Storm 91, Mercury 88

Posted: Aug. 26, 2010



(On what worked with the offense and what led to the Storm's comeback):
"We started making baskets and before what we were doing was we were getting stops and getting transition plays for us where they either had to foul or we had the momentum going to the basket. They got free throws, and-1s, which is even worse. The game slowed down and they hit some big shots."

(On what he can take away from the game):
"I have to watch the tape. Right now, I told our players that it was a funny year for us. We started off kind of bad and I told them a lot of teams could have given up right there, but we didn't. We kept fighting, got into the playoffs and they fought. Seattle is a good team, I can't take anything away from them - they were a good team all year and they were a good team tonight. They stayed with it. We tried to really force the game on them up-tempo, but they hung in there. They're a good team."

(On how the Storm was able to respond to the large deficit):
"The and-1s didn't help. It stops the clock, gives them time to set their defense and they get three points out of it. In the end I didn't think they really ran, they weren't running our offense, it was more they were coming down and probing, trying to get something in the pick-and-roll. They'd get offensive rebounds, put-back, another shot and you've got a scramble now and you're not really in any defense where you can have something set and they hit shots."


(On how they lost the lead)
"That's been the storyline of our season, really. When we're tuned in, we're really good and little by little, we lose focus. They're a good team, they played really well this year and they showed it."

(On the chances late to tie or win)
"We had chances to win and we just didn't get it done - not only tonight, but throughout the year we've been pretty inconsistent as a team and as individuals. That's what it shows in games like this."

(On what the Storm did to get back into the game)
"They did a good job of executing at the end and getting to the free throw line a lot. Things like that get you back in the game and they did a good job of that."

(On whether there was anything not going right all night)
"We did everything we wanted to do, except for win. It just came down to getting stops and we didn't get them when we needed to and Seattle came out on top."


(On whether there was anything not going right all night)
"We did everything we wanted to do, except for win. It just came down to getting stops and we didn't get them when we needed to and Seattle came out on top."

(On her shot on the possession before the Storm took the lead)
"Like Dee said, it just wasn't executed. The play called had a couple of different options and we got to the hole and just didn't finish it."


(On Game)
"We have had a lot of games with the Mercury like that, not just this year, but over the past three years I have been in Seattle. I think we have the ability to do two things with each other. We have the ability to bring the best out of each other and I also think we have the ability sometimes to bring out the worse, but in today's game you saw a lot of good out of both teams. We knew with them being the defending champs that they were not going to go down easy and fortunately for us we hung in there."

(On Last Play)
"We had it drawn up the timeout before Sue (Bird) even called one because we thought that we might get the ball and not even use it and come down and just run it. We were going to put Tanisha (Wright) in a pick and roll and try to get some action on the back side with Sue (Bird) and Lauren (Jackson) and we thought that one of them might get freed up. Fortunately Sue (Bird) got freed up."


(On game)
"definitely meaningful especially considering the last five years we have not got out of the first round. For us it was almost a serious of humps, we had to get over the hump to get out of the first round and to be in the Western Conference Finals. I know I didn't want to play Phoenix in game 3; that would have been very hard even on our home court so the best part about hitting that shot is that the series is over and we have a week to prepare."