Mercury 101, Sparks 82

Postgame Quotes: Mercury vs. Shock - July 8, 2011

Head Coach Corey Gaines

Penny Taylor

Kara Braxton

Nolan Richardson

Amber Holt

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Mercury Head Coach Head Coach Corey Gaines

“There were a lot of fouls. The game slowed down quite a bit. The refs were using the whistle. We missed a couple of shots. Big Liz played well. She is tough. She is going to be a great player in this game one day.”


Mercury Forward Penny Taylor

“It was a tough game for us. We tried to get out there and run and keep it fast paced, and at times we did, but they did a good job of being aggressive on the boards.”


Mercury Forward Kara Braxton

“We came out strong, but we fell off and had to get back in the rhythm. We hit a wall in the fourth quarter, and we were trying to fight back. Tulsa capitalized on that. When we hit our wall, they continued to push and score. We were able to contain them and still get the ‘W.’ Tulsa is a good team. They played great at home and they are getting better and better as they go.”


Shock Head Coach Nolan Richardson

“They really fought hard. They battled all the way through it. Once again, you have to be able to shoot the ball in order to win ball games. We started out with Amber Holt, who had just come back from a thumb injury. She is not in any game condition, but we still played her and tried to get her ready for the rest of the season. And the same thing with Doneeka Lewis, who played 29 almost 30 minutes, she has not been playing, but you can see she has a chance to be a very good player for us.”


Shock Forward Amber Holt

“It was good getting back in the flow with my teammates. Being out for a month, it’s hard to get back in basketball shape, but it will get better.”