Playoff Quotes, Game 1: Mercury 106, Silver Stars 93

Posted: Aug. 26, 2010

MERCURY HEAD COACH COREY GAINES: “She (Candice Dupree) was doing something all over the court, rebounding, running the lane; she was posting up in the early transition. We called a couple of plays which we usually don’t do for her, coming across the lane, but she had a good look tonight so we rode her back.”

(On the Mercury's height advantage)
“We were trying to get them (San Antonio Silver Stars) to double team, their automatic double team where they come across weak side underneath and leave the shooter in the corner open, which is Penny (Taylor) or Diana (Taurasi), but it just happened that the first option worked.”

MERCURY GUARD DIANA TAURASI: “She (Candice Dupree) played amazing today. That is what we’re going to need if we are going to make any type of run is people stepping up and playing big. (Candice) Dupree had a great game today, but DeWanna (Bonner) came off the bench and gave us incredible energy. Penny (Taylor) carried us for a stretch. This is when we are at our best, when we have a lot of people doing a lot of things. If we can recreate that when we got to San Antonio, I think we’ll have a pretty good feeling out there.”

(On impact of hustle plays)
“They (hustle plays) are huge for us. They get us going, defensively I think we did a lot of good things today, we kept with our scheme for the most part, and we gave up some stalls. When we have DeWanna (Bonner) and (Candice) Dupree, that’s when we start getting a little thirsty and everyone wants to score. When you see someone lay it up and we have four people chasing it, that’s when we are at our best.”

MERCURY FORWARD CANDICE DUPREE: “It was a great experience, obviously my first playoff game. The intensity was high, everybody was extremely motivated, and our main goal is trying to win this series in two. I just tried to come out as motivated as possible, with a lot of energy. Like you said, I was getting up and down the floor. I tried to do that early to get us going. Defensively, we had a lot of good stops; we were aggressive on switches and everything else which helps translate to the offensive end.”

(On Game 2 in San Antonio): “It will be tough. Their (San Antonio Silver Stars) fans are pretty intense there. We just have to come out and hopefully recreate what we did tonight and if not, play harder. It’s a desperate situation for them, so we know they are going to come out fighting, and we have to do the same thing.”


(On defending Candice Dupree)
“It starts with transition defense. She (Candice Dupree) shot sixty-seven percent from the field for the season. She gets a lot of easy baskets just through their hard running and they hurt us in pick-and-rolls. They are a very good passing team; they had thirty-three assists, so that’s tough. We’ll just look at the tape tonight and look for ways to slow them down a little bit. We hung in the game, I like that we fought back and got back in the game. If we just limit some point for (Candice) Dupree and tidy that up a little bit, we’re right there.”

(On defending the Mercury)
“Phoenix (Mercury) is such a good team. They have so many different weapons. We had our schemes in place and we slowed them down a little bit, but like I said, you can’t stop everyone. Our goal was getting them into three or four with double figures but when one player scores thirty-two, that’s just a little too much. Penny (Taylor) had a great game, twenty points and seven assists. We just have to be a little more physical on the ball and our rotations have to be a little quicker off the ball, we were a little slow and that’s how Phoenix (Mercury) can punish us.”

SILVER STARS FORWARD SOPHIA YOUNG: “I thought Candice Dupree had a big game and her teammates did a great job of getting her the ball tonight. She was able to get to the basket, she shot a lot of lay-ups. She shot 12/17, obviously she shot a high percentage because she was shooting lay-ups. I thought her teammates did a really great job of playing with her and taking advantage of her size inside.”

SILVER STARS GUARD BECKY HAMMON: “She (Candice Dupree) is a hard guard. We wanted to limit some other people, but she made us pay. They (Phoenix Mercury) are a good team and what makes them so difficult is they have so many willing passers, this is a very good passing team and it is hard to defend when they move the ball.”

(On playing with a small lineup)
“We still want to stick with our advantage, stick to who we are and make them chase us around the perimeter. There is always something that we can do to counter what they do, so it is a little bit of a chess match in that way. When they go big, they are difficult because Diana (Taurasi) plays 1,2, or 3. Then when you have Penny (Taylor) who brought the ball up a couple times and started running the point guard position, they are a difficult matchup, no doubt, that’s why they are able to put so many points on the board.”