Postgame Quotes: Mercury vs. Fever, Game 1 - Sept. 29, 2009

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Corey Gaines

Diana Taurasi

Cappie Pondexter

Lin Dunn

Tamika Catchings
Mercury Head Coach Corey Gaines

Opening statement: "Well, if you didn't like women's basketball, I think you do now! It's an exciting game for people to watch on TV."

On Penny Taylor: "Penny helped us because Cappie had 1 or 2 points at halftime and as we know Penny is one of the top players in the world, she can definitely score and she had 18 at half, I think she had 18 at half, Penny came out and she was feeling it, so that's a luxury, I could rest Cappie, foul trouble and go with Penny. It's a different type of attack but it gets points on the board. We need Penny. "

On Ebony Hoffman: "I've been watching her and she was struggling the last they know games of the year, I watched the playoff games against Detroit and the whole time in our shootaround I was saying she's a little off, maybe we can cheat off her a little bit, it by the me, she had some big shoots. She's a great shooter she just had a streak of missing some shots. She's always been a great shooter. "


Mercury guard Diana Taurasi

On the end of the game: "We couldnít hit a shot to save our lives. We finally did, Cap[pie Pondexter] made a huge shot. We kind of came together at the end."

The excitement of the game: "It was fun. Kind of showing a different side of womenís basketball -- how high a level it is. Itís fun to be in the game and Iím sure it was fun to watch."

On the big rebounds in overtime: "We were concentrating on not giving them another three, which we did at the end of regulation. Katie [Douglas] hit a big shot, a tough shot. But we got the stops when we needed them. When things are like this; shots not going in, kind of out of the flow, you have to find other ways to contribute and thatís one way to get after it in a different way."

On winning MVP today: "Itís been a weird day. Cappie and I walked in the gym today and it was just weird; game at six, all the hoopla before the game. We just wanted to get on the court already. And when we got there we were on the bench with three fouls so I think we were a little too anxious. But Iím happy we won."


Mercury guard Cappie Pondexter

Key down the stretch: "I think the key was getting defensive stops and rebounding. You could see in the overtime Katie Douglas took the game over and the key was stopping her and getting the rebounds. I think we did a great job, you know, in overtime doing that."

On Indiana scoring so many points: "I'm not surprised at all, they wouldn't be here if they weren't able to, Indiana is a great team everybody talks about their defense but they have legitimate scorers who can get it done and I think every game that you see from here on out is going to be just like Game 1 was, incredible. "


Fever Head Coach Lin Dunn

On the game: "I thought it was a great way to start the WNBA Finals, didn't you? What a game! I'm sure the fans loved it, really intense. I just thought it was great to be part of this first game."

On Tamika Catchings and Ebony Hoffman: "I thought Tamika was bothered by fouls early on, and it was frustrating with her, and she had to deal with guarding Diana most of the night and when you look at the stat sheet, you know, we did a lot of different things trying to keep her from touching the ball and she made some big three's, right there at the end, and I think if we can get Catch in a flow we can get more offense out of her but her rebounding and her defense, she helped us in a lot of ways."


Fever Guard Tamika Catchings

On the game: "Yeah, it was an interesting game. Just a little disappointed, definitely, in myself. I let my team down tonight, and it wonít happen again. We just need to come back, regroup and get ready for the next game. We had some people come out and have great games, Ebony (Hoffman) and Tammy (Sutton-Brown) down low. But, it has to be a team effort, and I donít need to be sitting on the bench at the end of a game."

On free throws in the game: "Yeah, that was another advantage for them. We need to be a better job of penetrating. But, like I said, Tammy did a great job down low, especially setting the tone early on. We kind of went away from it a little bit. But, weíll look at the game tape, get back to practice tomorrow and get ready for the next game. We will do a better job getting the ball inside, and we will do a better job getting to the free throw line. "

On this being a good series: "Oh yeah, it is. We knew it was going to be. Best offensive team vs. the best defensive team. Going into overtime, it felt like we had that game. But, like I said, the offensive rebounding was a huge factor, and we need to do a better job. It should be a great Game 2. "