Postgame Quotes: Mercury vs. Fever, Game 2 - Oct. 1, 2009

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Corey Gaines

Diana Taurasi

Cappie Pondexter

Lin Dunn

Tamika Catchings
Mercury Head Coach Corey Gaines

Opening statement: "We did not shoot the ball well. We didn't play well at all. But it happens sometimes. This year it's happened a couple of times and we've always come back from it."

On playing with intensity "No, we didn't, we didn't. We had lapses where they ran us instead of us running them, they got easy buckets. So it happens sometimes to us. If I had to answer to that it would never happen. But I don't. But I'm sure I'll watch the film and I'll figure it out. "

On moving the series to Indiana: "Well, last time we played there we won, so it's not like it's an impossible dream. This year without me you know, I didn't play Diana that last game in L.A. We have not lost two games in a row, and if I'm knowing Diana and Cappie when they do have sub par shooting nights they usually come back vicious. So it's a good thing. "


Mercury guard Diana Taurasi

On missing shots: "Sometimes they go in and sometimes they don't. And that's the way it goes sometimes. We just have to stay to what we've been doing the whole season. There is no panic. There is no second guessing of any sorts. "

On why the Mercury lost: "Well, the reason we lost the game is they scored more points than us. Which is as simple and as plain as I can put it. They ran down the court, right underneath the basket, and shot easy shots the whole game. And, you know, against a really good team like them, that gives them confidence, and they're off and rolling. "

On losing Penny in the 3rd quarter: "For us it's huge. Pen is a big part of what you do, and when you don't have her there you're missing that. But we have other players on this roster that stepped up the whole season, so that's when it's another opportunity for someone else to step up and we didn't have that. "


Mercury guard Cappie Pondexter

On losing Penny: "It affected us a lot, especially our rotation. It wasn’t as deep as it normally is but some things happen like that, but we have to keep fighting no matter what."

On Indiana's play: "They were aggressive. More aggressive than they were the first game. They play hard, they made some shots. [Briann] January came off the bench. [Jessica] Davenport gave them some lift. They knocked shots down when they needed to. We made a run and they came back and made another run. "


Fever Head Coach Lin Dunn

Opening statement: "YI thought we did tonight what I wish we'd done the other night, we had a great defensive effort. The difference in 84 points and 120 is I'm not a math major, you'll have to tell me, but it's a significant amount of points. I thought the fact that we were more focused on our defense, we really, really keyed in on that."

On Catching's near triple-double: "I expect that every night. She had a super game. Early on she was attacking off the dribble, she didn't get into any foul trouble so she was able to get into an offensive rhythm. We were running sets for her to get going, so when she can stay in the game and not get into foul trouble. She is a totally different ballplayer, and she was one of six in double figures, I thought that was a key, too. "


Fever Guard Tamika Catchings

On winning on the roadt: "Huge, huge for us! Coming into tonight's game we looked at the film after of Game 1 and the feel among each other was being able to hang in the game, go into overtime. And not being able to finish it out was a big deal. But we watched tape and looked at the things we needed to do differently and came out tonight."

On six players scoring in double figures: "That goes back to the confidence, having confidence in one another and believing that, hey, if I pass you the ball I expect you to shoot and I know that it's going in and even if it doesn't go in we know we have somebody down there to potentially get the rebound and everybody having that mentality, that helps."