Silver Stars 97,. Mercury 87

Postgame Quotes

Posted: July 15, 2008

MERCURY HEAD COACH COREY GAINES: “I guess it started at the end of the first half, but they got some good breaks. Becky (Hammon) hit a three to close out the end of the half – it was a bad bounce, but you can’t let her take that shot. We came out kind of dead in the third and our defense is kind of fueled by our offense and the defense went with it. You just can’t have that kind of lapse against the best team in the WNBA right now.”

(On the energy)
“We started off the game getting loose rebounds and I think we had 10 turnovers – which is good. We got out rebounded a little bit, but it wasn’t a killing thing.”

(On the difference between now and the four-game win streak)
“I know we shot more than eight free throws. They got 26 free throws. Last game they shot 43 free throws. Maybe I said something wrong, I don’t know.”

MERCURY GUARD DIANA TAURASI (23 PTS, 3 ASSTS): “It’s just giving people easy points. It’s like every game we play in people get 30 easy points. They don’t even have to think or play hard, they get 30 easy points.”

(On the tight Western Conference race)
“A good week’s stretch in which we’ve show we can play at that level and we’re back in the race. We have to challenge each other right now. This is make or break these next couple of games, especially before the break.”

(On the fast start and slow third quarter)
“We’ve just got to put 40 minutes together. That’s about it. There’s got to be some consistency throughout the whole game that maintains that level of play and keeps you in the game. We couldn’t hold that in the third.”

MERCURY CENTER TANGELA SMITH (13 PTS, 8 REBS): “We need more energy in the third quarter. We came out really, really slow and they took advantage of it. I think that’s what gave them the game right there.”

(On when the shots are not falling)
“When we’re not hot we have to find another way to get going. When we’re not shooting well, we need to get in there and get some offensive rebounds and we haven’t even been doing that.”

(On how to get back on track)
“There are a lot of things we need to fix. We just need to get into practice and do it. The main thing is to stop talking about it and get it done.”

SILVER STARS HEAD COACH DAN HUGHES: “I thought we started defending. Initially we had some issues rebounding and I think we really cleaned that up well. We were also extending to the three-point shot well. They are so dangerous from there, so by extending our defense and forcing them to play a little more action off the bounce, we were able to defend it better.”

(On their inside play)
“I think we play to the inside but we have good balance too. You have five players in double figures -- so, we had good balance between our interior play and our perimeter play. We got good play off the bench too and I thought (that) was key. Defensively, we could rely on them a little bit to keep pressure on them.”

(On getting to the free-throw line 26 times)
“I think part of that is that we were playing to our post game inside. We did a good job of being aggressive inside.”

(On Becky’s quiet first half)
“Becky is just really good. She knows she sometimes gets a lot of attention in the first half, so she’s going to pick her spots in the second half and when the game gets to a position where they can’t quite crowd her in the same way, she’s ready to go. She made some very timely plays and she does that for us consistently.”

SILVER STARS GUARD BECKY HAMMON: “We rebounded better, so that always helps us. Obviously, Diana and Cappie are quite a handful, so we just wanted to make their looks very difficult. They’re going to score their points so it was also important for us to contain the other players. I think that was key.”

(On the team’s balanced contributions)
“We had 25 assists tonight which is really sharing the ball. Twenty-five assists on 33 field goals says that we were moving the ball well. I thought we took care of the ball well tonight. When we get everybody going, it’s very difficult for our opponents to guard us.”

(On her first half to second half adjustment)
“Just waiting and being patient. Our bigs were doing such a good job on the inside and Erin really got it going. To me the ultimate thing is that we’ve got to keep winning. If the points come, then they come, but it’s about being patient and waiting for the right shots.”