Mercury 87, Monarchs 83

Post-Game Quotes

Posted: Aug. 19, 2007

MERCURY HEAD COACH PAUL WESTHEAD: “In my scheme it is to get it out and run. We’re not going to change a lot of things and act like we’re going to get clever, we’re going to play it like we’ve been playing it. If it’s good enough fine, and if not oh well. Throughout basketball there is always the concern about running teams and playoffs. Our philosophy is to go faster and we’re sure not going to play the conservative card and we don’t mind announcing that.”

(On stopping Lauren Jackson)
“We’ll contest her and we’ll try our best not to let her get a lot of open looks. But that’s really hard when you’re 6’7” and you play inside outside and outside inside and you’re quick fast and can stroke it.”

(On playoff format)
“It’s just the structure of our league and it is what it is. I think in an ideal world we would like to be reward when you’re the first seed you could celebrate with a home game first.”

MERCURY GUARD DIANA TAURASI (24 PTS, 3 ASSTS): “Obviously today’s game didn’t mean much as far as standings and all that playoff jazz. But you know this was still an important game against the defending Western champions-Sacramento. We went out there to win the game and nothing else, and it worked out pretty well.”

(Looking to the playoffs)
“The post-season is still 40 minutes, you still play with a basketball, the rim is still 10-feet high, so it’s what we’ve been doing all year and we’re confident.

“The second half of the season is always very important. Last year we had a little bit of success, but with any system with new players coming in it takes a while to adjust and gel, and it took 15 or 16 games. After the all-star break we all came back re-energized and re-focused and put together a nice month and a half.”

MERCURY FORWARD PENNY TAYLOR (14 PTS, 3 REBS): “We had a little bit of an up and down start. In the second half we really consolidated all the things that we wanted to. And I think we really grabbed a hold of it and made it our own. Every night you can say that, even in difficult times, that we just grabbed a hold of it and ran the ball and played a good zone. And it’s just so much fun more than anything.

“When you have a team that is confident from the head coach to the trainers I think that is the key. Everyone comes out and gives their all because we have belief in each other and we know that we have each other’s back. That will be something that we will rely on in the playoffs.”

MONARCHS HEAD COACH JENNY BOUCEK: “We did some good things; we didn’t turn the ball over like we did against them last time. We just didn’t shoot the ball well and that put a lot of pressure on our defense. Even so, I thought our defense did a pretty good job of making them work for what they got. The rate they’ve been scoring lately I thought we did a pretty good job considering we couldn’t get the ball in the hole.”

(On the third quarter)
“Without watching the tape I can’t tell you exactly what happened. I know we took some quick jump shots; they ran out and got a couple threes off of that. If you make mistakes against this team they will make you pay; they are built on shooters and scorers, they have a ton of them.”

(On the playoffs)
“We’re very excited to start the playoffs and to see what we can do. That’s what you train for and that is what you prepare for and work so hard for.”

MONARCHS FORWARD REBEKKAH BRUNSON (24 PTS, 13 REBS): “I think we made a lot of strides throughout the game. We did a lot of things that we need to work on, but we did a lot of great things defensively to get prepared for going into the playoffs.”

(On her good game)
“I felt good. I was trying to do a lot of things when I was going full-court in practice and it is has taken me a while for me to get things together offensively without being able to prepare. But it’s coming along and it is time for me to suck it up and get prepared for the playoffs.”