Mercury Fans Show Love

By Ben York,

Mercury fans are the best.


During a difficult stretch to begin the season, there has been no shortage of support and encouragement from fans all over the world. On a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis, we receive messages on Twitter, Facebook and email listing reasons why this year's Mercury team is still adored by fans.

With just one game left before the team breaks for the 2012 Olympics in London, we felt it was the perfect time to compile all the “Mercury Love” in one place -- directly from you, the X-Factor.


"so much passion,i believe it stems from dee but everyone on this team has it top to bottom&they arent afraid to show it" - from @LSegreaves23

"Relentless + most importantly their heart. Could hv stepped back and sd this is just not our season, they chose not to." - from @DT3sBun

"I love the Phoenix Mercury bc they play for each other rather than just playing for themselves." - from @yrite4

"they got heart with stars hurt" - from @projexxs_uno

"The Phoenix Mercury's effort despite all the injuries, especially Diana & Penny!" - from @Sparkbig3

"I love the Mercury because they show heart every single game & they always work & play together. They never give up." - from @Phxmercfan99

"Phoenix Mercury is just ONE HUGE family! Its rare to see that in this kind of sport. Thats also why I love them." - from @Phxmercfan99

"I love the heart of the team. Win or lose you can't take away the heart of the team." - from @AwkwrdButterfly


(What's one word you'd use to describe your love of the Mercury?)

"Heart." - Chanel

"Truly inspiring." - Courtney

"Unwavering. Through think and thin." - Robert

"Passion." - Trisha

"Generosity." - Audrey

"Unconditional." - Robin

"Amazing!" - Lexi

"Family." - Joanna


"Hi, Ben. I love the Mercury because they are so kind and generous to fans." - from Bill in Phoenix, AZ

"I love the Mercury because they give their all every game. They are going through a lot rite [sic] now but they always give their all and I really respect that as a fan." - from Stephanie in San Diego, CA

"I just see how hard they work and it makes me want to be like that and get a scholarship to college." - from Ariel in Tampa, FL

"Ben, the Mercury is one of my passions in life and I'll always be a fan no matter what. I love the way Sammy [Prahalis] plays and how DB [DeWanna Bonner] has stepped up to take on the scoring load. Whenever I'm having a bad day I just look forward to going to the next Mercury game and I feel better." - from Kaitlin in Chandler, AZ

"I'm always going to be a Mercury fan no matter what. They are a part of me and my family." - from Helen in Denver, CO

"I like that the girls seem to have so much fun playing with each other. I watch them when they warm up and they are laughing but still working hard." - from Joe in Tempe, AZ

"Probably because they are so easy to like. The season is not where they want it to be but they are so nice and just easy to watch and like to play the game for the love [of] it." - from Andrea in Baltimore, MD