Mercury F Jen Lacy Checks in From Greece

Vince Kozar, Director of Basketball Communications for the Phoenix Mercury, recently caught up with Mercury forward Jen Lacy, who recently made her way to Greece to play for Kastoria during the WNBA offseason. Jen provided her feedback on "Paul Ball," the upcoming draft and Phoenix teammate Kayte Christensen.

"We have such a talented team (in Phoenix)," says Lacy, "and with the
core of our team coming back, I think
our potential is limitless."

Norm Hall/NBAE/Getty Images
1.) Tell our fans what you're up to right now.

Hey fans!!! I just got to Greece about a week ago, and so far so good. I'm playing in Kastoria, a beautiful little lakeside city. I'm practicing and getting to know the team on and off the court.

2.) How is playing in Greece?

Basketball in Greece is good so far. I played in my first game this past weekend and we won. So with me as an addition, we are off to a good start. Practices are a lot like our practices back in Phoenix. My coach here loves to run the ball, so we play up and down fast-break basketball. Looks like "Paul Ball" is taking over the world.

3.) Are you playing with/against anyone from the WNBA?

I'm playing against my "sista from anotha motha" also known as Kayte Christensen as well as (Sacramento's) Erin Buescher. So they should make for some great competition.

4.) Describe (briefly) your first full WNBA season with the Mercury. How was playing in Coach Westhead's system?

My first season with the Mercury was a great one and one I'll never forget. I love my teammates, coaches and the fans. It was awesome to be a part of such a great organization. Playing in Coach's system fit my style of play. I like to get up and down the floor, and that's just what we did. It was a difficult thing to adjust to at first, but once you buy into it, you're hooked. I learned a lot this past season and I think coach will continue to make me a better player.

5.) What are you most looking forward to about the 2007 WNBA season?

Winning! We have such a talented team, and with the core of our team coming back, I think our potential is limitless. I know that everyone is working hard this offseason to help make our playoff dreams a reality.

6.) If it were up to you, who would you take with the first pick in the 2007 WNBA Draft?

Hmmm... If the rumors are true and Candace Parker (Tennessee) comes out early, I would have to go with her. She is such a talent and I know she could help take our team to another level. But if they are just rumors, I would have to go with Jessica Davenport (Ohio State). We could always use another big body inside.