Mercury guard Diana Taurasi participated in an online chat on July 29. Check out what she had to say about her Olympic obligations and much more.

The inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s not from some of your Phoenix favorites…

  • A Buyer's Market: The Mercury talk shop-ping
  • What's Cookin'?: The Mercury share their culinary skills
  • Kayte’s Critiques: The Italian Tastes of AWA I The VIP Treatment
  • Friends: Till the end I Mercury enjoy finale together
  • Accessorizing: Shoes, jewelry, purses and more
  • Makeup Counter: Putting on your game face
  • Fitness Fashions: Working out in style

    Becoming a professional athlete is no easy task, but anyone can get in good shape…

  • BE Tobacco Free: The Mercury share their thoughts on smoking
  • Trainer Talk: Carolyn Griffiths on weight training
  • Trainer Talk: Griffiths on balance, stretching and exercise
  • You Are What You Eat: Kayte Christensen on healthy eating habits

    Whether on the court or in everyday life, everyone has their tough times they must face…

  • Comeback Kid: Anna DeForge overcomes the odds
  • School is In: The Mercury discuss the importance of education
  • Know Your Role: Lisa Harrison on the basics of basketball

    Personal stories, moments and memories from your favorite girls...

  • Chat Transcripts: Diana Taurasi (7/29/04) I Head Coach Carrie Graf (7/13/04) I Plenette Pierson (6/15/04) I Shereka Wright (5/27/04) I Anna DeForge (3/11/04) I Penny Taylor (2/5/04) I Kayte Christensen (12/15/03) I Lisa Harrison (7/28/03)

  • They're Riding in Their Cars: The Mercury talk about their first automobiles
  • You're Hired: The Mercury talk about their first jobs
  • "What I Did on My Summer Vacation": The Mercury talk about their plans for the mid-season break
  • The Dating Game: Mercury players recall their first dates
  • It's a Mom Thing: The Mercury pay tribute to their mothers
  • Cheese Head: Anna DeForge meets her football hero
  • Happy Holidays: The Mercury share their holiday memories
  • Full Timeout: How the Mercury spend their free time
  • The Dating Game: Lisa Harrison’s shares her thoughts and advice on dating
  • Get 2 Know: Kayte Christensen | Anna DeForge | Lisa Harrison | Penette Pierson