Rookie forward reflects on start of WNBA career

One-on-One with DeWanna Bonner

Posted: June 9, 2009

Rookie forward DeWanna Bonner made her professional debut a productive one when, registering 16 points and 11 rebounds in Saturday nightís season opening home win over the Silver Stars at US Airways Center.

The Auburn product sat down with afterwards to share her thoughts on the start of her WNBA career. Welcome to the WNBA. Has it been everything you imagined it to be?

Mercury forward DeWanna Bonner: Oh, definitely! This is my job and I love it. Itís fun and my teammates are great. What have you liked the most about the WNBA so far?

Bonner: Just being here in Phoenix. I love the city, the crowd, my teammates, the coachesÖeverything is just so perfect. The WNBA is awesome. Now just between us, is there anything you dislike about being in the WNBA?

Bonner: Other than the rookie duties, so far so good. I get their bags, or pass out their uniforms. But hey, if we keep winning Iíll keep getting them their things. How was the move across country from Alabama to Arizona and its lovely summer weather?

Bonner: Itís so dry and hot! Everything is just different from Alabama I can tell you that, but I love it. I havenít gotten lost yet in the city, but Iím sure I will. Last year in Auburn, you were the key figure and the team revolved around you. Now you play for a team that features Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter. How big of an adjustment is it for you as a player to go through that transition?

Bonner: I love it. I love that we have Cappie and Diana. I just want to build on what they have done. If Cappie gets 18 points and D has 20, I want to be right there behind them to help. Kind of so they donít have work so hard to get their buckets. What are you going to bring to the table to help the Mercury this season?

Bonner: A lot of hard work and hustle. I get most of my energy from the crowd, so that means Iím always hustling. What do you hope to accomplish with the Phoenix Mercury? What is a personal goal that you have set for yourself?

Bonner: A championship, first of all. And just to have a good, consistent season. Not like the season last year, we donít even want to talk about that. For myself, Iíd like to aim for the Rookie of the Year award. But I just want to contribute to my team, and try to go out there and help them win every game. Who do you look forward to playing against the most in the WNBA?

Bonner: Sophia Young is my idol. Sheís a really good player. Sheís really hard to stop. I think sheís kind of similar to me. She can drive the ball to the basket, she can pass, she can shoot the three. Your first touch on offense resulted in you getting your first official basket in the league. How did that feel?

Bonner: Exciting! My first basket was exciting, because we were down but after that we picked it up and went on a roll. You have one game under your belt now. How does it feel to get that first game out of the way?

Bonner: Iím glad. I now know what itís all about. I gotta now go back to practice and work even harder. Iíll look at film and try to get better. Itís a long season ahead, but weíll be ready to go.