What a Weekend!

By Ann Meyers Drysdale, PhoenixMercury.com
Posted: Sept. 13, 2009

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a weekend!

First, I have to admit I did bypass going to Seattle with our Mercury. They didn't need my help, just an overtime to get the win Thursday night against the Storm. YEAH Mercury! What a hard fought victory -- and onto the playoffs!

My son DJ came with me to Springfield, and when we landed Thursday night we were whisked to the hotel to change and get ready for a special dinner where the new inductees were introduced and several other awards were given. I was one of four Hall of Famers to receive the Spire Award, along with former Texas Coach Jody Conradt, Celtic great Sam Jones and the "Big Dobber," Bob Lanier. My friend and NBC broadcast collegue Doug Collins also recieved the 2009 Curt Gowdy Media Award and gave a pretty emotional acceptance speech.

There were so many HOFers and everyone was running around to get pictures. One picture I regret NOT getting was with the all-time leading assists leader in the history of the NBA, John Stockton, the last guy to wear short shorts! He and his family are awsome! Although I will say, that all of the new inductees and their families are awesome. When you get to this stage in your career and are fortunate to be honored in this prestigious Hall, as David Robinson said, it took a lot of other folks to help get you there. (And yes I did get a picture with MJ and asked him when we were going to go play a round of golf. Instead he said, "Get your shorts on and we'll play one on one." Those days are over for me!)

What I took away from each new Hall of Famer: C. Vivian Stringer -- class, hope and passion; Jerry Sloan -- class, loyalty and never giving up; David Robinson -- class, respect and all about others; John Stockton -- class, hard work and always believe in yourself ; and Michael Jordan -- class, motivation to be the best and to never give up, and the will to win. Not bad traits for all of us.

This was a very special weekend to remember. It just reminded me how much I love the game and what it has given me in my life, and it just makes me want to keep giving back. It's about making things easier and better for others. And when the playing days are over, let's use basketball to help create dreams and hopes for others.

GO MERCURY!!! And thank you "X Factor!"