One-on-One with Penny Taylor

Posted: Nov. 22, 2005

Penny Taylor is taking a break this offseason to plan her upcoming wedding before joining her Italian Club Famila Schio after the first of the year. caught up with the Austrailian sharp shooter to get the scoop on her upcoming nuptials as well as her take on up-tempo basketball under Coach Paul Westhead and her most memorable sideline moment of the 2005 season. Through the Mercury grapevine we know you are getting married, but how and when did your fiancé propose?

Penny Taylor: My fiancé proposed on New Year's Eve last year. We had a party at our house in Italy and right at midnight, he asked me to marry him. When is the exact date of your wedding? And are you taking a honeymoon afterwards?

Penny Taylor: The wedding will be on the 29th of December in Schio, Italy. We won’t be able to go on a honeymoon because we are both in the middle of our seasons (Fiancé is a Professional Volleyball Player). We will go in a couple of years when we find some time. What have you been doing to get ready for you wedding?

Penny Taylor: Getting everything organized has been fun, exciting and a little stressful. The paperwork was the hardest part. I guess an Australian doesn’t marry a Brazilian in Italy every other day. Now all that’s left is dress fittings and finding the right pair of earrings! How many people will be attending your wedding?

Penny Taylor: Around 100 people. Including people flying in from England, Australia, Europe and Brazil. Are you excited about married life?

Penny Taylor: I am very excited about married life because I get to spend everyday with my favorite person. Back to basketball... What is the name of the team you play for overseas?

Penny Taylor: The team I play for in Italy is called Famila Schio. This will be my third season with this club, my fourth in Italy. Do you get to see or play with any former or current players overseas?

Penny Taylor: There are a lot of fantastic current and former WNBA players in the Italian league this year. Sheryl Swoopes, Michelle Snow, Laura Macchi, Raffaella Masciardri, Mery Andrade, Bethany Donaphin and Cintia Dos Santos. The league will be very competitive this year. What aspect of your game do you plan to improve while playing overseas?

Penny Taylor: My mid-range game. How does the play in Italy differ from the U.S. and the WNBA?

Penny Taylor: The Italian style is not as physical as the WNBA but it is a faster pace with less breaks and timeouts. How is the food in Italy? And what is your favorite dish over there?

Penny Taylor: Fantastic. Lasagna! When you are not playing or practicing overseas, what do you do in your spare time?

Penny Taylor: This is my first break in quite a while and I have basically just organized the wedding and spent a lot of time with my family. How do you feel about Chicago Sky being added to the WNBA organization?

Penny Taylor: I think Chicago will be a great addition to the league. The more the merrier. Plus it’s a great place for shopping! During the WNBA season, where is your favorite place to play when you were on the road? And why?

Penny Taylor: It used to be Miami for obvious reasons, but now I would have to say San Antonio. I seem to always have a great time there. And of course the fantastic Sandy Brondello is there! What was your memorable moment during the 2005 season, on or off the court?

Penny Taylor: When Diana had a disagreement with the courtside chair. What do you think about Coach Westhead's up-tempo style of play?

Penny Taylor: I think an up tempo, fast breaking style is a lot of fun for players and the fans. I look forward to learning all I can from such an experienced coach. Who do you think the Mercury should select with our No. 2 pick in the lottery?

Penny Taylor: A great player and person. I don’t get to see much of the college players!