One-on-One with DT the scoring machine

Diana Taurasi has broken two scoring records, both formerly held by Katie Smith. She broke the all-time single-season scoring record last week and then led her team to a must-win victory over the Comets in triple-overtime Thursday night, scoring 47 points. caught up with the All-Star record breaker while she was waiting to catch her plane to San Antonio. So, what did you have for dinner last night?

Diana Taurasi: Last night I had a leftover sandwich from room service. Delivered to Penny Taylorís room, that did it for me. Was last night game against the Comets one of the best games youíve ever played in?

DT: It was just a great game to be a part of with just two teams that didnít want to lose. Both teams really wanted to win and needed to win and for our team to gut that out, it means a lot to us. How did that game compare to other games in WNBA history?

DT: There were a lot of reporters there and a lot of players there, because the Comets have been apart of a lot of great games. They said that was by far the most exciting and most thrilling game they have been apart of. It was great! How did it feel to break the single game scoring record, formerly held by Katie Smith?

DT: Itís been great because nothing has really been forced. Itís been in the flow of the game and the flow of our system, so itís been amazing. My teammates have been amazing, my coaches have been all help, so itís been a great little roll weíve been on. How long have you been in the zone?

DT: (Laughs) I have been in the zone the whole year really. Iím in better shape and mentally Iíve been more focused and our teams started to get things done, so itís been a great thing. How did it feel to break the all-time single-season scoring record?

DT: Any time you break a record or make a statement, I think it represents your coaches and your teammates, so it was cool for all of us to do it. Kate Smith had the record and she is somebody that Iíve looked up to and watched play a lot, so it was special. Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam talk trash to each other on the golf course, do you and Kobe Bryant talk smack?

DT: No! Kobe, give me a call man! Whatís the deal? How badly did you want to score 50 points in that game?

DT: More than scoring 50, I just wanted to be in the game and win it. Whenever youíre not in the game in the end, it hurts. Cappie and I were both on the bench. But to see our bench come out and play that hard and that well meant a lot to this team. You wouldnít mind scoring 50 though, right?

DT: I just go out there and play and lately itís been feeling good, so you never know. The team has been rolling lately, picking up five wins in a row, what has changed?

DT: In the four games that we lost, we were playing good basketball. We just had some unfortunate possessions, bounces, rebounds, and weíve just been getting them these last five games. So not much has changed, our team has a confidence and I think that is the biggest key. Have you called Sue Bird and explained how badly you need her Storm to win Sundayís game against the Comets?

DT: I called Sue already and I told her if we win tomorrow, weíre going to need it. Do it for UConn, do it for the family!