Rookie Profile: Williams & Batteast

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Quotes from Tamia Williams (Florida í04) and Jacqueline Batteast (Notre Dame í04)

Whatís the most difficult thing about being a rookie in camp?
TW: The physical aspect of the game. Itís been a lot more difficult than in college, and as you can see, Iím a lean body. Defense has been an adjustment, too. At Florida we played a different type of defense with our footwork, so Iím still trying to adjust to Suzieís style of coaching on the defensive end. Itís been a lot of hard work, but the older players have been helping me out a lot.

JB: Itís like I have to start all over again. I was just a senior, so I was like the top dog, but now Iím back at the bottom.

Do the veterans give you a hard time or have any hazing traditions?
TW: Actually, theyíre pretty nice. Theyíre pretty cool and down to earth. Of course theyíre going to make rookie jokes and tell us how young we are, but for the most part theyíve been helping me out a lot and giving me pointers.

JB: They treat me pretty well. They still have their little rookie jokes. Rookies in the back. Rookies have to wait. We donít get firsts on anything, but for the most part theyíre pretty helpful.

How do you like Minneapolis so far?
TW: Itís cold! It is cold. Thatís all I can say is that itís cold. Iíve been in Florida all my life and coming hereÖit is freezing. I havenít seen a lot yet, but as I ride around I like the buildings and the atmosphere. It seems like a nice place, but Iíll like it a lot more when it warms up.

JB: Itís nice. Itís not too big, not too busy. Itís just right, so Iím enjoying it.